Saturday, February 18, 2006

Google, eBay, Girls and Paris Hilton

The things people search for!

The current Top 30 Keywords are remarkably consistent, which must be wonderfully reassuring and validating to both Google(#1 and #30) and eBay (#2). Yahoo (#3) shouldn't feel too badly, either.

But I want to know...what keeps Paris Hilton in the top 5?

I wonder, are people actually searching for the Hilton in Paris? As it happens, that does end up on the first page when you google.

Maybe she's getting bonus hits from travelers. It's all inadvertant.

She's certainly good marketing---her name I mean. I saw that Paris + Hilton hotel result and instantly felt a desire to check out Expedia to see what fares to France were running right now.

It appears Pamela Anderson has kept her popularity. Amazing. I haven't heard anything about her at all recently. I feel okay about that. And to tell the truth, I just copied the link out of the search result page, didn't even go to her site.

A lot of people also want lyrics (#6 and #23) and girls (#7).

Dogs (#14) strikes me as very generic...what do people want to know about dogs? I'd say Westminster bumped this rating but I think it is typically in the top 20 (as far as I have tracked). I'm surprised "colored bull terrier" wasn't up there. Could you picture Rufus, the Best in Show?

Valentine's of course bumped up flowers (#29). Trust me, to my dismay, this term is not searched frequently enough. And even now, they are looking for something cut---in a vase with a bow, and something to guarantee satisfaction or at least a get out of jail free card---I am pretty sure.

Despite it actually being an ongoing world event, the Olympics (#20) are well below Carmen Electra, Jenna Jameson, Jessica Simpson, and something called 50 cent.

Aside from a coin or money amount, I had no idea what this was so I had to search. Now I know. And I am disturbed. Hence why I avoided searching to find out what grillz (#27) was. Not a misspelling for something you use to cook food outdoors, I figure.

Well at least a large number of people search for a dictionary. Maybe they are trying to figure out how to spell anime (#21).

I've had deep thoughts recently, just can't catch any of them right I wrote about my wordtracker research.

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Jozet said...

Well now, Ms. Pippert!

That post is a clever way to get hits from all those keywords, lol!

And I love that image at the top, though I'm not quite sure what it is.