Friday, February 03, 2006

Poetry in motion: A Dancing Daughter

Checked white and red skirt swirling unevenly
With her unmeasured twirls.
The lace border no more than a white streak.
Her hands, lengthening but dimpled still
Clapping with delighted rhythm.
Sometimes two feet, sometimes one, or maybe just a few toes
On the ground.
Hair bouncing
straight on top and curls below
as some locks leap up and others dive down.
"I'm not dizzy," she cries,
"No I'm not dizzy
Her spins gallantly include the entire uneven pine floor.
"Just two more," she cries spinning five, six times,
"Just two more and I'll be dizzy for a long weekend!"
My heart twirls around the floor with her
Emotion as butterflies winging, kissing the soft corners still there
Feeling remembered
Unbounded joy
Enjoying a silly song
Knowing nothing beyond a moment
Head empty save sought for dizziness
Mouth full of laughter as the body tumbles
From the weight of the dance
And nothing more.

By Julie Pippert
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© 2006. All images and text exclusive property of Julie Pippert. Not to be used or reproduced.