Monday, July 30, 2007

Hump Day Hmm for August 1: Too much of a good thing

Emily kindly suggested some future Hump Day Hmm topics.

For this Wednesday, August 1 (and I know, I know...I'm late late late, sorry!) the topic is:

(A) Too much of a good thing


(B) Continuation of the PC topic from last week for those who have more to say or who asked for a raincheck.

Don't miss my post below! Even if you already read request, I added in the "Rules" of the Kindness Campaign game.


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flutter said...


slouching mom said...

Ooh, going over to check out the rules.

mrsmogul said...

Hump day! I'll be having a hump after moving that day LOL. When I get a chance online the next few days I will read more!

Cathy said...

Love this idea. Am re-reading the rules now...