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These are my children...and this is my life!

For the record, this is Art, performance art. I know performance artists around the globe are shaking in their boots at the upcoming competition.

For the rest of the record, they are Ogres, a la Shrek (aka Thwek). If only I had had the video camera out with us so you could have had the sound effects, too.

Now of course Ogres aren't usually nekk*d. However, I was assured that this type of Ogre is. I think my kids will take any excuse to drop drawers. However, for courtesy and other sakes, I applied the bottoms they ought to have had on via Photoshop. Patience was APPALLED. Thus, the rainbow.

I know, I know, graphic artists are also quaking in fear of my prodigious talent.

Happy weekend!

P.S. Two late and/or missed Hump Day Hmm Entries! Woo hoo! More awesome reading.

The eloquent and poetic Flutter wrote What do we carry?

The concise and thought-provoking Kim wrote Things you carry with you

Thanks to all participants and remember, next week is "letting go."

P.P.S. Tomorrow I am impersonating LawyerMama so look for me at her blog. You'll have to let me know whether I have the accent down...

P.P.P.S. I need to find someone who read Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro. That book is burning a hole in my mind. Please, tell me you read it and will talk to me.

copyright 2007 Julie Pippert. Do not use text or images without permission. Seriously, these are my kids and this is my blog. If you violate, my flying monkeys will hunt you down. And it won't be pretty.


Unknown said…
It looks like they've been hanging out with Captain Kurtz too long... or have they been vacationing at the Isle of the Lord (and Lady) of the Flies?

Very funny!
Kyla said…
This was KayTar's very favorite post you have ever done.

"Ainbow! Ainbow!"
She clearly approves of your choice of shorts for P1.

"A-Geen-A-Wow Lion!"
In regards, to P2, a green and yellow lion.

Then she realized, "Paint! Paint! MEEEEEE! Paint!"

At then she summed it up with "Ainbow! Peese? AINBOW!"

So, well done. Well done. Those a BEAUTIFUL little ogres. :)
flutter said…
oh for the love of naked, painted babies!!
S said…
That is fantastic.

They are adorable ogres!
Christine said…
i read it!

Ok, that was a blatant lie, but I wanted to come back with a bang!

Love those fierce little gals!
NotSoSage said…
Excellent. I want a pair of those shorts! Teach me, oh great one!
Anonymous said…
I think the younger one missed a spot...
Anonymous said…
Pollock kids! You could market that! A talented family all around. I bow my head in awe.
It looks like they had a blast!
And I bet it took forever to get them clean.
thailandchani said…
Definitely looks like the kids are having a great time! What memories for them! :)

The book... is that the one about cloning? It sounds familiar but I can't find it here to get the title.


Julie Pippert said…
Mary-LUE, OMG they don't vacation on the Isle of Flies, they invented it, these two! LOL


Kyla, so glad we finally intrigued Miss KayTar! Persistence has been a fan of hers for a while so this is happy day for her. :) I want to tell her the lion part but have no idea if it will thrill her or send her into a tantrum b/c she's an OGRE! LOL I guess I know your future includes body painting, LOL.

P.S. Crayola water soluable gets my vote.


Flutter, naked and painted AND tattooed! You just can't see the tattooes. But we are big fans of body decorating here, by which I mean the kids are and i must be by default.


Christine, we've got no plans next week if Camp Christine is open. ;) So glad to see you back!


Sage, send me your photo and I shall outfit you accordingly, LOL. ;)


Emily, believe it or not, there may have been one teeny spot missed, but not on the hair or tummy or bum! If I could, I'd show you the handprints on the bum. OMG ROFL


Momish, I love that! I used the Pollock kids thing on LawyerMama's blog.


TLC, they did have a blast! And clean up was just a hose and sprayer outside. No big deal but I'm used to it with them LOL.


Chani, oh I have loads of the same to remember LOL.

Yes, it was the clone book. Did you read it? Mary and I are discussing it.
Girlplustwo said…
I LOVE those pictures. the wildness and freedom. may they never ever lose that.
Kyla said…
I can't tell you how many times we've had to come back here!

Because the "Ainbows! A-geen-a-wow lion!" are irresistible!" She sat in my computer chair looking at the photos for at least 15 minutes last night, which is AGES in toddler time. So funny what catches their attention.
painted maypole said…
Naked and covered in paint. You are a fun mommy. But why didn't you include a picture of yourself?
Snoskred said…
They are so cute.. :) And excellent adding in of the pants!

Pendullum said…
I remember those days...
Forgot about them... and with this post it brought me back...
Miss those days...
But now my daughter at the age of nine would die if she knew she performed art...
But I remember the timefondly...
Aliki2006 said…
I thought I had posted to this but I don't see my comment...

I love these pics! The spirit, the fierceness--they are glorious!
Magpie said…
Hysterical photos!
Anonymous said…
I love your beatiful little painted pixies, oh sorry, I mean Ogres.

And I love mom's that aren't afraid of making messes.
Anonymous said…
There is no doubt they had blast...I am scared...

Future artists...
Anonymous said…
Oh how funny! And I thought MY kids were heathens. Yours got all painted up for the part! ;)

They are too cute!
Mad said…
Too lusciously cute for words.

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