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School Supplies for disadvantaged kids...and the Supah Stah Sell Out Club

Help out disadvantaged kids by buying extra school supplies

It's that time of the year...for some lucky people. School is back in session! Except, not here. We have one more entire month to go. God help me.

Nevertheless, we are purchasing our supplies.

I love buying school supplies. Notebooks, folders, pencil cases, pencils, crayons...the lot. Selecting styles, quantities, colors.

But most of all, I love pens. In fact, one might say I have a pen fetish. In Cambridge, across from Harvard, there is this stationary shop that has rows and rows and rows of pens. On days when my friend and I were stressed (which was often) we'd skip across the street to this shop and test out hundreds of pens, finally selecting The One, and leaving happily. Retail therapy. But I digress.

Not everyone has the same ability to purchase or access necessary school supplies.

So when you are out shopping, and buying school supplies for your family, or if you already bought them but pass a row in a store (in every single solitary store---taunting me, teasing me, making me think about the kids in school, an event that is one entire month away)...

Grab a few extra or double up on your list, and donate the extras to disadvantaged kids in your area.

Your local school probably accepts extra supplies for kids who attend with your kids. Keep it anonymous. Nobody wants to bow to Lady Bountiful, hat in hand, finger to forelock.

If your local school doesn't have a program, try your school district or your local news station. They usually have a program or information about a program.

It's a simple and easy thing to do...reasonably inexpensive.

Also, consider packing the supplies in an old backpack---if you have one---that your kids no longer use.


Double thanks if you already did this. :)


It's coming, they're coming...ADS! AAAARRRRRR

That's right. I've sold out. ;)

In the near future, my blog will begin running select BlogHer ads as well as the discreet little Google AdSense ads I've had up for a long time. I've also been accepted into several affiliate programs (although one beloved store where I frequently shop turned me down...said I didn't reach their market, they are nuts I tell you, nuts. My readers buy furniture and home accents! And my grasping little heart is broken). So I'll have ads for my affiliates, and will review and recommend items on my blogs dedicated to that.

I realize it means I'm turning full frontal capitalist.

But a girl's gotta eat.

This won't buy me a new pair of shoes---even if it earns that much---because this is not done flippantly for pin money. I'm doing this to earn necessary income.

That's why I want to mention something that I know is wicked controversial but I've mulled it over for weeks and just decided to join: Jo from Life with Heathens---"I'm a 32 year old wife and mother who happens to have cancer. Thanks to 3 heathens, 2 cats, and the Hubby Guy... I laugh more than I cry!"---started Mad Click Monday.

Now, I'm going to do my best so that my ads don't intrude on my content.

And you are welcome to do your best to ignore them. Fair enough.

But, I'm also going to ask you to ponder this Mad Click Monday idea. With this, instead of always ignoring the ads, one day a week you pay attention, and if one can benefit you, click it. I tried it for the first time yesterday.

Ads aren't always selling products. Sometimes, they are offering information.

For example, yesterday, I found a traffic tracker---for free---that I far prefer to Sitemeter. I found it by scanning an ad on a blog I regularly read. So I clicked the ad and got myself a good new tool. Also, I read a study---for free---from the Pew Charitable Trust that I found by clicking an ad. Lastly, I bought a towel rack. I know, money spent. However, I have been seeking a towel rack for a year in the kitchen (which has none) and haven't found one that was the right price. This one? $5, with shipping, still made it half as much as the ones I've seen like it in stores.

I don't---and wouldn't ask---people to click ads just because.


If you decide to pay attention every now and again, and see if anything there is of interest or benefit to you...then thank you.

And if anybody wants to join my club (it's unofficial, being silly---dig?) you are welcome!


Personal Update

You'll notice I am blogging. It's not from prison, I'm happy to report (but blogging from prison? That's an upcoming post...) Hat in hand, no excuses other than, "I blew it," I pleaded my case to the judge, or rather, to his assistant, which I think actually means I pleaded my case to the court, but I'm no lawyer (which might have been in my favor, actually). They were lenient on me; if I pay exorbitant amounts of money (in my opinion) I can take defensive driving---where I will learn that driving 7 miles over the sped limit, I kid you not---is illegal. I'm aiming for a comedy one. For the record, I still pay a fine to the court in addition to paying the defensive driving course fee. If the judge is reading this, I'm grateful. Truly. I appreciate that our legal system allows some wiggle room for stupid people.

Also, in more good-ish news about the neighbor and friend is doing it for me for about hmmm $2000 less than any big tree firm has quoted to me. Yes, I called my insurance company. Actually, I had already called before even posting. I'm sadly used to catastrophes, and familiar with protocol...but thank you guys for loving me enough to make good suggestions. No, I'm not asking my neighbors to chip in even though (a) it is largely on their property and according to the laws (at least the laws of insurance) not my responsibility, and (b) there is no fault to a tree suddenly toppling. It's my tree, though, that originated on my property and therefore in my mind my responsibility. I also want to retain Good Neighbor We Like status.

In children news...the Kindness Campaign hit a great spot yesterday, then dropped viciously, then came back up again. I expect this, I suppose. The great news is that it is clearly on all our minds, this being nice, kind, courteous and respectful thing. Persistence did drive me to drink yesterday (what a shock!) with a variety of ingeniously disastrous things. I console myself by saying she'll be three soon, at which point it's the mouth I have to concern myself with more than the getting into every bloody thing.

Don't forget Hump Day Hmm tomorrow...too much of a good thing.

I think that's all!

copyright 2007 Julie Pippert


Snoskred said…
You know what I think about the ads? Good on you. Seriously. I don't have any issue with bloggers I read making money. They put a lot of effort and time into their blogging, and I don't mind ads anyway.

So well done! ;)

Girlplustwo said…
i also love school supplies and thank you for reminding us that they aren't easy for everyone to come by. we are fortunate to have generous folks help our homeless kids out every year and it makes such a difference.
Christine said…
--thanks for reminding us about school supplies for those who can't afford them. i'll definitely get a few extra things.
--no worries here about ads. i usually don;t take much notice. i will click now and then if it will help. would i have to buy stuff or just look for you to get a little cash?
--glad you're not in jail! gotta go break up a fight between my little angels now. . .they are driving me to drink, too but 3 points a beer may not be worth it!
Magpie said…
Not in jail? What did I miss??
thailandchani said…
I must have missed a post... in jail?


So what is the new tool.. or should I be looking for it on your page instead of being lazy and asking?



Anonymous said…
You know I think the whole anti-capitalist-all advertising is evil thing is a bit extreme. Like anything there is good and bad. Are you hurting anyone by making money from ads on your blog? No. OK then. I get really tired of people thinking that because you make money at something the thing you do or you yourself are evil. Girl, you don't have to explain yourself. OK i'll save the rest of rant for my blog instead of tying up yours.

JoJo and I helped pack backpacks full of school supplies for a joint effort between our church and a local charity.

I'm glad things are getting better.
Lawyer Mama said…
Good for you! I'm going to start running ads as well. Damnit, our words are worth something.

So glad to hear you aren't in the big house. I think that would definitely interfere with blogging.
Unknown said…
For the last three posts:

Kindness Campaign - Great idea. I like that it is a family thing and not an individual one, with the focus being on the forfeit cup. And I think you are right, there will be ups and downs. I can't wait to hear how it goes in the next few days.

Too Much of Good Thing - I just might get something out. (I know, I know, I keep saying that!) Marley is at art camp all every morning this week. I have from 9 - 1 every day. Woo Hoo!

School Supplies - This is something I started thinking about a couple of years ago. In fact, I think I did a similar post. I have a friend who works at a school where the kids don't have much. Sadly, the school is in the same district that Marley is in. The disparity between the schools just kills me. Anyway, I've always love the idea of giving directly to my friend's class because of the personal connection.

We also have a month to go before school starts, but we will definitely be buying extra supplies this year.
Anonymous said…
Thank you for mentioning me Julie and I'm glad you've joined. One of the reasons I set it up the way I did (click ads that interest you) was because I too realized that some of the ads were actually pretty useful. I found two free ebooks, one led to a charity, and another showed me some new products that I probably wouldn't have seen otherwise.

I'm hoping this helps out everyone including the advertisers.
Anonymous said…
Do I get jr. geek status for acknowledging that I enjoy browsing in stationery stores? Too bad I never could stand to keep a journal, because I do love blank books and pretty paper, and yes, pens, although my penmanship is reminiscent of those Peanuts strips depicting Charlie Brown and his ink blots.

I promise to click if I see something useful. I actually did it on another blog last week myself, and found some interesting information on a topic I desperately need, anger management. And hell yeah, I need furniture. I am about to move to a 4000 sq. ft. home and I've got nothing. (No money to buy it with either, truth be told.)
Julie Pippert said…
Guys, wow, thanks for the support about the ads. I never like thinking I might chap the hides of friends.

And not only are you guys being nice, but you're willing to be supportive?

Seriously, you rock out loud.

Kim, I can't wait to see that post.

Christine, I eat no fat in the a.m. to get my coffee and will eat super low fat in the evening to get a glass of wine. They say make every calorie count and I DO! LOL

??s re jail: I got a ticket, for *extremely mild* speeding, what I think ought to be margin of error because it was on a HIGHWAY in the middle of NOWHERE where the speed limit is 70! (Dear Mr. Highway Patrolman---it's an opinion. I didn't argue, I was polite, I am taking my lumps.) Anyway, long story short without excuseful (call Webster's) whys...I missed my court date. This is a "swear out a warrant" offense, I'm told. But I called first thing next business day and pleaded and got leniency.

So no DISNEYLAND for me! :)

And Atypical and Mary-Lue and their posse are off the hook!

This story is in my BlogHer comparison post.

The new tool (and YES I am retarded in all things Internet, always late to the party) is PAGERANK.

SB, you get BFF status. :)

Thanks. :)
thailandchani said…
Oh heaven! PageRank.

It's so far over my head, my neck is broken. LOL


S said…
(shyly, with a wink and a nudge)

I'll click on yours, if you click on mine. KWIM?

Anonymous said…
If you want to post ads, go for it. People who have issues with it should worry about more important things. If they don't have more important things to worry about, I suggest global climate change for a start.
Snoskred said…
Where's Kim's blog? I'd like to read it too.. but there's no link?

Kyla said…
I cannot explain the joy I glean from purchasing school supplies. The freshness, the organization, THE LABELING. I think I enjoy it too much. *sigh*

Another month?! Are they trying to kill us? I can't believe that school starts so late this year.

Maybe I'll blog my court date story this week for you, as a break from the usual. The ticket itself is pretty impressive, too. ;)
As a child I actually received a backpack full of donated goods every fall, as my mother was on the state welfare program and couldn't afford to buy the list of goodies that my grade school teachers always required. I am now a college graduate and am able to afford my own Fiscars and automatic pencils. I love to think of the little me-type who'll get the things I donate and put them to good use in the classroom. Thanks for this post! Helping young, low-income students to feel at home in the schoolroom is one of the most important ways to impact the future. Yay donated school supplies!

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