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A post of actual value

I've been meaning to stretch my wings and find some new blogs. I got a little stuck in expecting Technorati to prompt me to go read my favorites, complete with convenient links and notices. But then Technorati let me down. I discovered it wasn't telling me when a large number of my faves had updated. So I was missing out! Sometimes by several posts! The horror! The drama!

Also---and this is no reflection on my favorites---I started getting a little interested in what else, and who else, is out there.

So I've begun clicking links and wowsa there's some good stuff. And I've noticed some familiar names commenting on these blogs so I see you've all been holding out on me in some not taking me by the ear and guiding me around the blogosphere I guess. LOL

Okay so on my completely random link-following bloghunt/Webhunt today I've found:

1. Work at Home Mom Revolution---this blog is the answer to Her Bad Mother and Gingajoy's questioning comments at BlogRhet

She turned me on to MIT's OpenCourseWare. I love free stuff, esecially free Ivy League education in the comfort of my own PJs at home. This is

a free and open educational resource (OER) for educators, students, and self-learners around the world.


* Is a publication of MIT course materials
* Does not require any registration
* Is not a degree-granting or certificate-granting activity
* Does not provide access to MIT faculty

Now, although my heart yearns in the direction of women's studies, anthropology and the oh-so-very intriguing Writing and Humanistic Studies (doesn't it just swell like music when you say it aloud?), I am instead perusing things such as "Competitive Decision Making and Negotiating" at the Sloan School of Management. Maybe I can treat myself with "Humanistic Perspectives on Medicine: From Ancient Greece to Modern America" like a dessert each time I make it through a meaty course.

2. Problogger tells me my recent change of having my comments open in a new window is annoying. What do you think? Should I switch it back? Do you guys multi-task with tons of open windows of stuff?

3. Avitable started a fund for NYCWatchDog, who recently lost his 5 year old son in a swimming accident.

4. Pink is not just for breasts any more. Now it also stands for peace.

5. Pew Charitable Trusts put out their State of the Blogosphere (or, more accurately, "Society and the Internet--- Bloggers: A Portrait of the Internet's New Storytellers") a year ago. I wonder how things have changed---or not---in the last year.

You know, BlogRhet friends, they grant grants for research in this area. Maybe that's the second answer to the GingaJoy and Her Bad Mother questions.

copyright 2007 Julie Pippert


Unknown said…
Thanks for linking to my article. I enjoyed your blog. I saw that your other blog has a quote from Edna St. Vincent Millay in your profile. I love her poetry!
Anonymous said…
Hey there.

My preference is for the links within the post to open to a new page but for the comments to be part of the post.

If my opinion is of any actual value. :)
thailandchani said…
Opinions on comments: I do prefer the new window. Here's why: For any blog that has a slow load, making a comment requires the page to load all over again.. whereas the comments in a new window just creates a pop-up.

So... I'd leave it as it is. :)

Competitive Negotiating and *what*? Ugh! I couldn't do it!

I'm looking forward to reading that blog that responds to the current BlogRhet topic.


Lawyer Mama said…
I'm with Chani on the window and for exactly the same reason. You'll notice I use the window on my blog for the same reason.

I MUST go check out the MIT OPenCourseWare. How cool is that!
Wha? Free MIT courses? I've got to check that out.
Christine said…
gotta check this stuff out. Sounds like lots of good blogs out there.


SYTYCD is starting NOW!!!!!
S said…
yep, ditto all as far as pop-up windows being better (faster).

thanks for the links, lady!
Avitable said…
Thank you for posting this.
Catherine said…
Such great timing! I was just thinking I should spread my wings again too...

And, I love the pop up box. Keep it coming.

Oh, and I LOVED your comments on BlogRhet about Elitist blogging and all of us getting along. And I said so in my own comment. 'Twas my first time on the nice to find you there. :)
Anonymous said…
Agree, the pop-up box is no big deal to me. Sounds like you had quite a clickity (and thinky) adventure.

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