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The Smell of Popcorn Popping

Note: I added Mary-Lue's entry Hindsight to the Hump Day Hmmm Host Post below.

Happily my friend Roz saved me from becoming the newest incarnation of Dickensian blogging via her Happy Pink Fluffy Meme.

Ahem. Bring out the bunny slippers and bon bons and put up your feet because it's all art and little matter today.

1. Favorite bubble bath book -- A romance novel of course! Excuse me is that women's fiction now? Can I still be a feminist and (a) call it a bodice ripper and (b) read it? If you like to know, I am a big Suzanne Brockmann fan. Like, groupie level. Which is to say nothing of the time I bodyslammed Janet Evanovich in Boston and forced her into a photo with me and Patience. But that was in the Stephanie Plum heyday, so all can be forgiven. If you don't know what I mean by any of this, carry on. If you do, come sit by me and be my love novel buddy...

2. Best get your groove on tune -- Brick House and Dancing By Myself are dead heat co-winners. My husband has learned to let go and let me go if those songs come on. Patient man.

3. Character you always wanted to be [from t.v., film or books] -- Kelly on Charlie's Angels. Perfect hair, fabulous wardrobe, totally awesome job, good friends and paid to kick ass. What's not to want?

4. Best lullaby -- Okay...sung to "Do your ears hang low" my kids always enjoy my made up song:

Does your diaper hang low?
Does it waddle when you walk?
Does it squish between your knees
When you Squatty Squatty Squat?

I know, I won't give up my day job but this always switches the mood---adult or child---to happy and amicable.

5. Most self-indulgent thing you do -- Buy too many books and read them all. Or maybe blog. Hmm. Tough call.

6. T.V. show you're ashamed to admit you watch -- Should I feel shame? Hmm. I'm not too proud of my Law&Order habit. I think I might be ready for an intervention.

7. Teen celebrity crush -- Tears for Fears. I was not picky. Either would do.

8. The piece of jewelry [outside of any wedding or engagement rings] you always wear -- A watch. Which is useless. Because it is set ten minutes fast but I know that and thus am still often five minutes late. Listen, I used to be punctual. Then I married and had kids.

9. Blog or website you're ashamed to admit you visit -- Sitemeter

10. Favorite chick flick -- Clueless. Maybe Legally Blonde. I did enjoy The Holiday too.

11. Favorite daytime t.v. to watch when slugging around the house -- GEEK! GEEK! TLC or Discovery. I'm a sucker for quasi-educational shows.

12. Best song to be sad to -- Rickie Lee Jones' The Horses

13. Food you could never get enough of -- Toss up between apps and dessert

14. One movie star on your *list* -- Adrian Paul had top honors for so long. But I've been noticing some hot new up and let's leave this open, flexible...ooohhhh wait...Wade Robson. Hot. He dances. And his choreography is...ahhh. But...wait, now that I read about his personal life, maybe not so much. I see, upon comparison, that these men (and the others considered) bear a similarity to my husband. Although, to be fair, my husband has never posed like that in his life.

15. Your theme song -- The Honeymoon from Prelude to a Kiss. I have played this for people before and the agreement is 100%. This is my theme song.

And in other happy news...I might be too broke for BlogHer but...

Jenny and Laura are hosting.

I might even be carpooling with one of your favorite bloggers (who I won't link to unless she gives me clearance) (which I ought to have asked for in advance but err let's see, did not get around to it yet) (sorry) who generously offered to drive, which eases my mind greatly as I do my level best to never have to drive in the city here.

I know, Boston allegedly is worse, almost the worst, but seriously, it's bad here. I was never scared in Boston, and the drivers here petrify me...maybe because I suspect they all have loaded weapons that they will use. For a town full of people who are normally so nice, polite and friendly, there are an awful lot of deranged lunatics on the highways. Actually, there are an awful lot of people on the highways all the time period. Deranged or otherwise.

Plus, very few of the roads here are actually on the ground.

I'll stiffen my upper lip, though, and bear it in order to get to the party.

Where I might be a total dud who drops off to sleep mid-sentence because I will be tired what with having been out late Friday night. That's right: date night! We got together with some friends and chartered a lake and bay cruise. They'll toodle us around and then we'll watch the fireworks. Did I mention no kids?

Then Sunday is Father's Day which also happens to be when my sister-in-law is celebrating all three of her kids' birthdays.

Much busy. Much fun.

More Fluff

I was happily surprised at So You Think You Can Dance last night. Wow! This season it's not really clear who are the top ten. I admit to being really partial to the Wade Robson number while my husband is partial to the Mia Michaels one. I thought it was a great show. How about you? Highlights? Lowlights?

copyright 2007 Julie Pippert


Magpie said…
You do fluff pretty well for a thinker.
S said…
What, no Dirty Dancing? C'mon people! (I left this selfsame comment on someone else's blog yesterday.)

I could watch that movie over and over...
kaliroz said…
I think I wore out Dirty Dancing. Seriously.

And I just can't do bodice rippers, Julie. I've tried and there was a summer, between freshman and sophomore years of college, where I read a bunch of them. That may have burnt me out, actually.

And Wade Robson? You know he got with Britney, right? That just skeeves me out.
Lawyer Mama said…
I also love Stephanie Plum. I want to be her in another life.

You gotta watch out for those crazy gun-toting Texans! LOL!
thailandchani said…
Can't do bodice rippers, either. Give me a good spy story any time. I'm in heaven.

My summer reading often includes a few Clancy or Flynn novels.


Her Bad Mother said…
I wanted to be Kelly, too. Totally.
Unknown said…
I read a disturbing number of Harlequin romances from junior high through high school. My mom and her mom and sisters all read them. I remember them each showing up at family functions with grocery bags full of them. They would exchange them and so we always had oodles of them lying around. I was so voracious a reader that I turned to them when I had nothing else to read.

It was from reading Harlequins that I learned the word diaphanous. I also learned that it was a perfectly good idea for an 18 - 20 year old girl to marry a man in his late thirties or early forties!

And as far as a character I always wanted to be? Pamela Sue Martin's Nancy Drew or Erin Grey on Buck Rogers. Mary-LUE, thy name is geek! ;)
Kyla said…
This was great fun. I loved the whole thing. I've never read an, erm, "bodice ripper". And the last time I read anything in the bath was while pregnant with KayTar. *sigh* Once upon a time in a land called Peace and Quiet...*lol*
As a child I LOVED Charlie's Angels...every Saturday morning I watched. Kelly was my favorite, too. I have been dying to watch Clueless again. It has been too long.

Oh and kudos on the diaper song, pretty catchy!

And also, clearance granted. Link away. :)
Christine said…
I'd SO want to be Buffy. She rocks!

Loved this Julie. Brought a smile to my face today.
Girlplustwo said…
i like your fluffy foray. and i never pegged you for a law and order gal, but i like it.
Brick House, one of the best booty shakin' songs EVER.
Mayberry said…
Ooh, another SYTYCD fan! Keep up the commentary please ;)

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