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Good grief, Charlie should be Hump Day

There I was clapping myself on the back all pleased as punch with myself: kids dresses bought, Christmas cards mostly done, shopping complete, most parties set, donations made, school volunteering all set, and so fact, I spent last night working on New Year's Eve! That's how In Control and On Top of Christmas I am.

Well something had to give this week...this month. Something just did.

And do you know, it just now, nearly mid-day, occurred to me what gave.

Hump Day. The Hump Day Hmms.

What does it say that I totally forgot those until I opened, just now, my feed reader and noticed numerous devotions to my rival, Wordless Wednesday?

I apologize.

Can we call the Hump Day off for December and pick it back up post-New Year's? I expect you are all as distracted in one way or another as I am.

May I ask the same indulgence for the Blog Pledges (and if you sent me an email I did get it...just haven't replied yet).

A brief hiatus until January.

Fair enough?

Okay, carry on...more interesting posts below if you haven't already seen them. :)

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Mary Alice said…
Well, I for one miss your deep Hump Day thoughts...but, I will survive!
Liv said…
I'm sorry, JP, but good for you. And truth? Hump Day Hmmm has always sounded a shade dirty to me. Take a week's good for the soul to be bad.
ALM said…
Too many things this month and not enough days!! And still, you keep posting really great posts (like the one before that I have a lot to say about [Alot to say about? Grammar anyone?] but haven't gotten it all sorted out yet.)
Take a break. Relax. Have a latte...
kirida said…
I hear you. I feel like this is hump month.
Emily said…
Well, I've skulked over here, preparing to apologize for once again skipping Hump Day Hmmm...

Imagine my relief that you have also skipped it. HALLELUJAH! I will thank you, Julie Pippert, for giving me a reprieve from my guilt. An unexpected and appreciated Christmas gift!

Here's to the New Year!
S said…
Fantastic idea, Julie. Good for you to let it go -- for a time.

(I never thought of HDH and Wordless Wednesday as in competition, LOL!)

Kat said…
I'm surprised any of us are getting any posts out at this time of year. It is madness!
flutter said…
Hiatii (the plural of Hiatus?) are good for the soul.
How many days left until Christmas? I've been out 3 times this last week and have only managed to secure about 1/4 of the gifts I need to get. Help!
Suz said…
Ha. Even if you did have a "hmmm" this week, I doubt that I could scare up a thought to answer it. Hopefully, I'll get my brain back in the New Year.
dharmamama said…
I think it's a wonderful idea... though when I first saw this post today, it was because I had popped over, hoping for some Hump Day Hmmm inspiration! Dang, now I have to come up with something myself!
Ms. Skywalker said…
Leaving us on our own, to come up with our own ideas?

During the holidays?

Have a good one, Ebeneezer. :))

In all sincerity, wishing you the best.
Anonymous said…
We're leaving town two days after Christmas and I feel so behind right now. Trying not to panic and yet trying not to be so casual about stuff that I don't get it done. I'm afraid that if I take a break from blogging no one will ever come back to read. Dooce can leave and still come back to several hundred comment. I can't.
Memarie Lane said…
I've always had to giggle at "hump day" too. In my mind's eye I see a bug-eyed chihuahua getting it on with a calendar.
painted maypole said…
ha ha. we all need a little break sometimes!

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