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Hanging out my Dirty Laundry

Can you believe that Don Henley had a hit song about this topic?

I know, me neither...Don Henley. I'll admit I was never a Henley fan, the singer or the t-shirts.

And if you don't know what I mean you are probably too young to read my blog. (KIDDING!)

But you probably do know what I mean when I say kids generate an unbelievable amount of laundry.

I washed FOUR LOADS of kid clothes yesterday. Little teeny tiny kid clothes. Two-thirds of it was Persistence's, which are the smallest clothes of all. She still wears some 18-month and 24 month stuff!

She is heavy into her Diva stage, which apparently requires multiple wardrobe changes a day. I was talking to my two good friends about this and as I griped I realized, umm wow, they probably only see her in the exact same outfit all the time. When Persistence goes out, she must be in full Princess regalia or Ballerina costume. It's the layers under and over that...the layers I insist upon, resulting in numerous fights every day.

You can bet the ongoing power struggles between me and Persistence are exactly why Patience wrote the letter to Santa that she did.

Persistence has hit Stubborn Screaming Threes.

I don't know why everyone focuses on the twos. I can handle twos. I can deal with twos. It's always threes for us. Everyone said this to me when Patience was two, "Ohh ho ho ho just wait until three," in a really menacing way, which used to chap my hide royally, even more so because eventually I discovered they were right. (But that didn't help me as I struggled for the first time through the twos.)

So all day every day I exhaust myself with my attempts to creatively parent, positively direct, positively redirect, prevent potential terrible situations,and manage the ones that come along as best I can.

By the time Patience gets home I'm ready for a nap, so she gets to see emotionally, mentally and physically exhausted mom who already has little to no patience left. (Hence my mommy guilt about her Santa letter.)

Several times this week we've had to make errand runs after school and by then Persistence is in full blown boundary testing mode. Yep, she winds up right when I start to wind down. Fun!

It's all the joy to get Those Looks everywhere we go, as people---who haven't seen the rest of my day---think Bad Things about me and my kids.

It takes a tremendous amount of cajoling to keep things as far from Total Deranged Lunacy as possible and as close to Pleasant as I can get.

I will say it's easier this time, dealing with age 3, because (a) I'm not bedridden with pneumonia, (b) I didn't just have a baby, (c) I'm not in the middle of a nasty legal battle with a moving company who lost and ruined our entire household of belongings, (d) we're not suddenly living in a new state, city and community. Among other reasons. But the main one is that I have Been Here, Done This before, and lived to tell about it. As did my kid.

So I know it's true: this too shall pass.

In the meantime, Patience writes pleading letters to Santa, I beg God and all the Saints in Heaven for deliverance, my husband finds out of town projects and we all look forward to working out this kink.

Oh yeah and I do tons of laundry.

So that's why today I'm at my recommends blog talking about laundry...I know, how dirty. Oh really? You were thinking how boring? Well go check it out and see if you are right---I double dog dare you! Keep in mind that my review of the products is purely my own...nobody asked me, paid me or gave me free product (although geez I do keep asking! LOL).

I'm also at Moms Speak Up talking about the same thing. Because I'm really consistent and efficient---boring?---that way.

Plus, you should scroll down and read my previous entries if you haven't and if you want a good laugh at other people's kids' expense.

Isn't that the best kind?

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atypical said…
Just to give you a little silver lining in it all, at least your daily temperatures mean that there are less loads of laundry than there would be with Winter Related Unclean Laundry Bulk Increase Syndrome (WRULBIS).


Happy Lathering!
Kyla said…
With KayTar the problem is she's finally learned that she can willfully disobey (and as I said before, it is like electric joy coursing through those little veins), but because she doesn't understand concepts, I can't reason with her. At all. You can't teach a child WHY they shouldn't do something when they can't understand the concept of WHY. We're stuck in that infant parenting period. I was always able to reason with BubTar, always. KayTar? No reasoning. She can't grasp it. I can't use it. Bah.
Liv said…
oh, laundry. how i hate you.
Michele said…
I just posted the same thing on your Recommends blog but ... Great minds must think alike because I recently started changing out all of my cleaning products ... after the miscarriage. I know my doctor said bleach had nothing to do with it but I'm not so sure. Anyway, I had been using Shaklee vitamins for years so I tried their cleaning products ... also all natural ... and I've been really happy with them. The one problem I have with their laundry detergent is that it doesn't include anything that will remove spots so if you do have stains, you have to use a different product in addition to the detergent. That's a bit of a pain for me but I'm doing it because I really want to have a Green house.
Mayberry said…
Oh Three. It's coming for me soon and I am scared. I didn't care for it the first time around and my 2nd one ... is a Persistence kind of kid, methinks.
shay said…
I've completely given up over here. My girls look like a garage sale most days:( I used to care so much but now I'm just a worn out shell of my former self lol.

Oh and I think the laundry breeds in the baskets. that's my theory anyway!

happy washing!
Gina Pintar said…
This is what happens when you let them pick out all their own clothes. HAHAHAHA I could not resist.

You are teaching me that I have my own "rules". Did not realize that I have them. I have taught my daughter not to use her clothes as a napkin by not allowing her to change when she is dirty. She does not like it and no longer wipes her hands on her shirt.

I did allow her to wear a princess dress to M's school party yesterday after reading your post from the other day.
Gruppie Girl said…
Oh the laundry. It never ends...

I have a 4 year old who is also into costume changes. Just how many pairs of sweatpants and truck shirts can a little guy wear in one day. "But that's not a coool shirt Mummy."
T with Honey said…
I hear ya about the 3s!!
I don't know anything about the terrible twos. Two was a great age for Princess. But as she gets closer to three I find myself turning a bit grayer in the attic. I like to call this age the "trying 3s"
Space Mom said…
The psycho 3s are so much worse than the terrible twos...
Anonymous said…
...and yet you keep on managing to hit this page every day. Writing away, sometimes more than once. I find your stamina amazing.
Suz said…
Laundry, I can take, it's the folding, folding, folding, folding that drives me batty.
3, 5, 10, 17 - it doesn't matter, they ALL have their challenges. And laundry only gets worse - IF you can find it!
flutter said…
ok. How about there are only 2 of us in the house and we still end up doing like 6 loads of laundry a week? FTW?
PJ said…
And if it isn't the laundry, it's the garbage that proliferates right there under the kitchen counter. How dare these things breed right in our own houses!
Kat said…
I agree. Threes are much more difficult than twos. I still don't understand the "terrible twos" phrase. For us, it is all about the threes.
painted maypole said…
loved The Eagles, but Henley on his own... not so much.

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