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If loving you is wrong, I don't wanna be right

(Apologies in advance to anyone who gets offended...bygones?)

Oh Friends. I think I need say nothing. I think this picture is worth a thousand words, especially the orgasmic expression on McCain's face. He just reclaimed his seat in the GOP.

Let us not speculate at all about how.

For the record: Loving this photo? Does not cause me to lose my seat in the Tree Huggin' Liberal party. I'm not sure if we are currently represented, but anywho...

I will be baracking and ba-rolling tonight.

P.S. As a fabutastic non sequitur, I'd like to reassure all Heroes fans that the writers of that show have had a source of income during the writer's strike. They've been speech writing for Barack Obama. I'd recognize that style anywhere. Also, I personally know that politicians like to hire out of work TV writers for speeches. AHEM

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Jennifer S said…
I'll go long and estimate that this picture is worth far more than a thousand words. I can live off this one for days.
Julie Pippert said…
Jennifer, AMEN. Oy, all the things I am rising above within myself. I hope everyone is impressed.
"Maybe if I hug this guy the conservatives will finally like me."

thailandchani said…
I saw a photo like this some time back.. but it was very crude.

Made the same point though. :)

Yeah. Yuck. Yick. Echt!
Rebecca said…
O.M.G. I love it! In a really sick, twisted way.

le35 said…
*Just shaking my head* Chalk one more up AGAINST John McCain. The only thing in his favor is his view on the war, but heavens.
Anonymous said…
That's quite a revealing picture. I'm not sure whether to be more amused or disturbed. Mostly I'm thinking "ick." (By the way, have you seen the parody McCain video that was posted on youtube today? I found it pretty entertaining. And disturbing. Much like the picture you posted.)
Ack! Had to show this to my husband. Too funny!
Anonymous said…
Oh no!
NO WAY??? You're a liberal???

(just kidding;))
Robert said…
Well, but the conservatives won't love him for this... because Bush has shown he's not one. Too many of his policies are far from conservatism, and his "stimulus package" just sealed it for me. I still support him as the president, but I'm ready for someone else. I just wish it was someone still running.
SciFi Dad said…

(Oh, and are you serious about Obama's speech writers being from the Heroes team?)
Melissa said…
The image is burned into my retina. I can't get rid of it! Eeeeew!

And to make it worse for me, I see this right after checking my email and seeing a coupon from B/N for "Leatherbound Austen".

It's just been that kind of morning...

and I'm changing my nickname...there's too many melissas running about...
Gwen said…
Urgh! I feel like I need to go take a shower.
Julie Pippert said…
SciFi Dad, I don't know one way or another for sure, but if somebody was to email me and say, "Hey Joe Smith? From Heroes? One of the writers? TOTALLY writing speeches for Obama now," I'd believe it straightaway.

It's because some of his statements are extremely nonsensical melodramatic metaphors...JUST like on Heroes.

I'm not allowed to watch the show at the same time as Jon any longer because I have a nasty habit of editorializing (in all sense of the word) during the show.

We were listening to an Obama speech last night and at one point I started giggling to myself.

My husband did not even need to ask why. He knew. He heard it, too. I've tuned him in.
we_be_toys said…
No WONDER Barack's speeches have sounded so familiar!

Very scary picture you put up - thumbs up!
Kat said…
I actually like McCain. I was gunning for him 8 years ago. But that photo is still hilarious! And gross.
Robert said…
Your comment about "tuning in" reminds me of how noticeable things like "Uh" or "Umm" become once you've had some training in public speaking. It also reminds me of a girl I knew in college who anytime she would call, I would listen while mouthing the words to my roommate "so the reason I called was" because she ALWAYS called for tutoring help. Free tutoring, I should say. Funny how things become noticeable with experience.

I also used to notice how Bill Clinton could take any question he didn't like and turn it into a phrase that basically said "What you asked was this, and this is what you asked." without actually answering anything.
Anonymous said…

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