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My Political Statement Post (oh just come know you want's Twitterable in length)

Because Gina asked, this is how I am LEANING so far. I still have AMPLE time to change my mind, if I so desire.


Good grief...hard to read.

Okay, some clarification if you need for the bottom line:

Top left quadrant is Social-Liberalism and Economic Left (we aren't shocked are we?) and that's where I apparently fall post robotic quiz. Barack Obama is circled.

But I know you don't want to miss the rest of my bitingly funny humor here, so CLICK HERE to see a better image and catch all the oh-so-witty rejoinders I threw in to my quiz result image.

Source: Electoral Compass.

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Liv said…
you know how to entice me: say that it's twitterish in length. i think baracking the vote is cool. (and fun to say)
Amie Adams said…
You know as someone who works in politics I thought I knew where I was and then I visited that site. Not surprisingly the robot was smarter than me.
Anonymous said…
Very cool! I didn't expect my result.
This comment has been removed by the author.
SciFi Dad said…
I like him a lot too, but I fear the "experience" card is getting played too well by Clinton (whose "experience" includes being married to a former president).

In an ideal world, I'd see him take the nomination. Failing that (sadly, likely I think), I'd love to see him as her VP candidate. I figure the US would be set for the next 16 years with that ticket... give Obama 8 years to develop better foreign policy and learn some more, then let him loose in 2016.
Julie Pippert said…
SciFi Dad, I cannot tell you how richly ironic I find it that the "experience" card would work. I think too many times too many people accept what is told to them without critically thinking it through. I understand why and am guilty of this myself at times. Still...


Heidi, isn't it funny how sometimes we know what we know but we keep throwing up barriers to that knowledge for a variety of reasons? Sometimes it's good LOL because it makes us think it through. Other times, well...

I just thought the robot quiz was a funny way to pretend to have decided LOL.


Slackermommy, really? So many people were surprised I expected to be too and then I came out exactly as I thought I was. LOL


Mamma, I know, that's the same thing so many said! I was surprised to be just where I thought I was LOL.


Karen, as Liv would say, do you mean that BARACKed? LOL


Liv, I totally thought of you. And Angela. I'm going to liberally (HA!) use BARACK the vote.
Suz said…
Yeah. We come out pretty much the same on this. And the site is wonderful!
le35 said…
NOt being liberal, I came out very differently on the quizes I've taken, but in the end, I truly believe that's the beauty of the good ol' USA. Just go vote. (I don't say that very often when I know it's to people who don't vote like I do, but I'd MUCH rather have Barack Obama for president than Hillary Clinton.) However, I'd rather see Mitt Romney than anyone.
Gwen said…
I think everyone should make all their choices with the aid of a robot.


(Glad your robot saw the light. Heh.)
Anonymous said…
I smell a conspiracy. My little graph looked EXACTLY like yours (well, with less graffiti).
Kat said…
That was so fun! Thanks for the link. I had to do it myself. I'm not surprised by my results, but it was pretty cool.
Magpie said…
I did that the other day - I think my map looked identical to yours. Hi, sister!
Kyla said…
I got Hilary. I've done two other sites, too, and I got Obama (83%) on one and Hilary (93%) on the other. So I think it depends on what issues the site focuses on.

Josh got McCain. This morning I said, "How fun! We can just cancel each other out!" He said, "Does that mean we don't have to vote?" LOL.
Mary Alice said…
My Mama loves Obama and so do I - and so do two of my of which said she would turn cart-wheels all across America if he wins!
Ally said…
This is hilarious. And fun!
Aliki2006 said…
I'm off to give it a try myself!

My Obama 2008 stickers are in the mail...
I may need to try this one. I am at a LOSS right now...and it would probably help to make a decision!

OH...the pressure!

PS: Steph and I talked about you this weekend. We decided you were PURE EVIL for toying with our emotions by saying you were coming! (hee-hee)
flutter said…
you are too funny!
Girlplustwo said…
check you baracking the vote, girl.
HomeGrownLife said…
Loving your marked-up "white board" of the candidates!
I got EXACTLY the same. And I'm don't even vote (over there ;) )
niobe said…
Unfortunately (for purposes of this post, anyway), I was brought up never to discuss politics.
Michele said…
I guess I really do need to take a quiz because I have no idea who to vote for but I loved your graphical depiction. Thanks so much for sharing it with us : )
We're on the same page girl. Plus, your commentary is hilarious!

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