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Fooled around and...fell in love

Elvin Bishop singing "Fooled Around and Fell In Love," an oldie but goodie and fave of mine through the ages (literally). I'd have preferred to put up the Rod Stewart modern cover of it but Rod says no.

It's true: the mighty has fallen.

After all my kvetching and questioning about social media, all my fooling around with Flickr, Twitter et al. you could call me a player. I dabble with Facebook, but it was clear: I was not really ready to settle down.

But then.

Michael Stelzner introduced me to LinkedIn.

I fooled around.

And fell in love.

That place has purpose, use, functionality and fabulous resources. It's everything I was looking for.

I think we'll live happily ever after.

Even can join us. Like one, big, happy family.


Drawing Winner

In last week's Hump Day Hmm, I asked you to deliver and offered an incentive (art or editing). You followed through wonderfully. Now it's my turn!


Chani has asked for an art print. So...coming to her soon.



There are always these great motivators and reinforcers rolling around the Internet.

Jeanie was kind enough to pass this one my way:

Thank you, Jeanie! It matters so much to know that I am thought of as a friend.

There are a few bloggers who have really been marvelous to me the last couple of weeks, through support, reaching out, caring, making me laugh, and so forth. So, with thanks, I hand this off to:

Slouching Mom
Borneochica Gwen
Lawyer Mama
Christine at Running On Empty

Mary at Them's My Sentiments wrote this about my a while back, "Julie Pippert at Using My Words has a stainless steel ethic and a brain to match, wonderful humour and is a hugely giving bloggy citizen."

And then she passed this to me:

Thank you, Mary. I am hugging that idea of me to myself.

The list is long---my entire blogroll obviously---of blogs that I think are excellent.

I am passing this E award along to each of the Hump Day Hmm participants from this week, because you guys regularly participate and provide such high quality content that encourages amazing thought and discussion. So this goes to:

1. Robert
2. Angela at mommy bytes
3. SciFi Dad
4. MelissaZ
5. sober briquette
6. Andrea
7. Chani
8. Ria Ludy
9. Blooming Marvelous
10. le35 attachedparent
11. TwoSquareMeals
12. Woman on the Verge
13. PunditMom
14. Angela
15. Aliki


Update on the Boys Just Want to Have Fun mass move

This past Thursday, I facetiously reported that 5.3 million teen boys planned to move to Texas and Oklahoma, in pursuit of hot girls who can sing.

Fabulous and super cool local Houston-area blogger Ed. T provided the hilarious update to this story in his post, "Governors in Texas, Oklahoma close borders in response to invasion by hordes of horny teenage boys."

Ed, too great! Thanks!

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niobe said…
I'm amazed and awed that you have time to add yet another task/network to your life. I feel like I'm at the breaking point already.
Melissa said…
Thanks! :)

And Spouse is totally addicted to Linked-in. Enjoy!
le35 said…
Have fun with linked-in. Maybe I'll try it. I don't know much about twitter, but I like Facebook. I am not a Myspace fan, really though.
Facebook fizzled for me too. Bleh. I've got enough sheep thank you.

"Fooled around" is one of my all time fav tunes too. I've got your link cranked right now!
jeanie said…
ha - I got a Linked In invite a while ago, but because of my experience with Facebook (hate it) I stood back and watched it go by...

I will go back and check it out.
Magpie said…
Huh. What's so interesting about Linked In?

Because Facebook is only good for Scrabble.
Angela said…
Hey! Thanks!
Tell us more about this LinkedIn, Julie. I've heard tell, but I am burned out already on Twitter, never got past setting up an account on know what I mean. Why LinkedIn? I'm really interested.
Robert said…
Thanks for the rating. I enjoy contributing to your site, and I appreciate your contributions to mine. I enjoy seeing a different perspective from my own to analyze. Most people are too afraid to engage in a debate for fear of sounding foolish or losing a friend, so I don't get a lot of chance to engage people with other points of view. Thanks for the opportunity.
S said…
Oh, Julie. I am honored. I feel like such a BAD bloggy friend lately and think this must be for my PAST, not PRESENT behavior.

Love you, babe.
Maybe I should check out LinkedIn, then...I think I'm on there, but have done absolutely nothing with it :(

Congrats on your awards, my friend. Can't think of anyone who deserves them more than you!

Aliki2006 said…
What is Linkedln? Never heard of it and am suitably intrigued.
SciFi Dad said…
Thanks Julie.

I got into LinkedIn years ago, and while it has its uses, I never found it all that great. I'd be curious to know how you're using it.
thailandchani said…
Thanks for the acknowledgement.. and the art print. You know it will end up in a frame on the wall, don't you?

Seriously though... I'd like to acknowledge you here for your consistent giving to us. Your prompts and topics keep our brain cells active.

At my age, that counts. :)

Kat said…
I don't use MySpace or Facebook and I have no idea what Linked-in is. I am SO lame.
Congrats on your awards!
I love LinkIn. Just heard tonight from someone I worked with nearly 10 years ago.
PunditMom said…
Thanks so much! I'm honored!
Lawyer Mama said…
Oh, thank you! (hugs)

I just saw this because I'm *still* trying to catch up from the Cali trip. You people are just too damn prolific.

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