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Free speech, rights, and amnesty in blogging: Hump Day Hmm for March 5, 2008

(Insert really awesome post that blows minds with amazing concepts and conclusions.)

UPDATE! I did it! I wrote my post and posted it. Whew.

That's right. Last night I spent the evening at the Texas Precinct Convention instead of at home doing things such as writing my blog post for today. I spent the evening making sure my vote got counted not just for the popular election, but also for the number of delegates my candidate got at the convention.

You see, Texas has a complex and unusual primary process. (Click here to read my explanation of it at MOMocrats.)

In the end, if you don't go to the convention, your vote is not counted when considering how many delegates your precinct gets to send.

That's sort of sucky because maybe 1/3 of people return to the convention. Then, even though a candidate might win the popular vote, he or she might not get the majority number of delegates.

For example, Hillary might have won the popular vote, but in several precincts I know, more Obama supporters came to the convention so...Obama got more delegates.

As you can see, it was really important for us to spend our night at the convention. And it doesn't end there for us:

Jon and I were selected as delegates. So now we represent our precinct at the next convention at the end of the month.

I promise to find time today to write my post. :)

But I wanted to get the Mr. Linky widget up so you guys could add yours in. I can't wait to read them.


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2. Post it.
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5. And feel awesome all day as you know you are using your words.

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Melissa said…
Our caucus took forever, too. They just weren't prepared for the turnout. Judging by the turnout there, it was about 3-1 in favor of Obama. But he apparently took the cities while she took rural.

And no, I didn't forget to link. I got nuthin' today. Yea verily I tried, but to avail. I do, however have a scintillating post about bananas. :)
Melissa said…
make that "no avail". Need more caffeine.
Robert said…
I almost didn't post today, but I felt like I should, so enjoy.

We didn't watch the results come in, but we checked before going to bed. I gather Hillary has already contested the results this morning, though, in Texas. The rest of this primary season should prove very interesting.
Mad said…
Methinks you need an undergrad degree in voting in order to live in the states. I never attended Electoral College.
Suz said…
This is really cool - and sounds so exciting.
Gwen said…
Now, Julie, make sure you use your delegate power for good, and listen to the people, instead of going all Super on us and voting for whomever you want! ;)

And I, too, found no words for your Hump Day Hmmm, probably because most of the time, re: matters legal and otherwise, I r a dum.
Kyla said…
Ooooh, fancy!

Do you know what I found interesting? As the votes came in, there were 4:1 Dem to Rep votes in our RED state. I don't know what the final tallies were, but the last time I checked it, it appeared that WAY more Democrats showed up to vote. That makes me VERY hopeful.
le35 said…
I'm glad that you're doing the political process. Great job! I just finished my post. Here's to Mr. Linky!
Robert said…

I suspect a lot of the reason there were so many "Democrat" voters were the crossover from the Republican side who came to vote for Hillary since McCain's already the nominee.

Just don't want you to have your hopes falsly inflated. Texas is not going to vote Democrat for the President in the general election.

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