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My bedroom, ten things, and a message in a relation whatsoever

I got meme'd and I sincerely hope I caught (recalled) them all.

First up...the fab Jenn from Serving the Queens started a cool meme about "the me in my room." She wants us to show our bedrooms and how they reflect who we are. So here, I am:

All righty then. You can't see a single one of my notes. Sorry about that.

What if tell me what you see.


Ten things I don't get...

I stole this one because (a) Slouching Mom told me I could and (b) I like it.

So ten things I don't get:

1. The new Toyota ad campaign. How much do I never, ever want a Toyota sedan if its chief selling point is you can fire a cannon beside it and not wake a sleeping badger who would rip my face off? And then...she does it anyway? Great scott! ACK and YUCK! I hope Toyota can get their money back.

2. People who think 100 calories means healthy. No, it just means less calories.

3. Why I keep falling for the "sugar free" ad campaign. It doesn't mean they left a fruit item that needs no additional sweetener au naturel. No, it means they used a potentially carcinogenic sweetener instead of naturally occurring sugar.

4. How I got so old that being a fan of a 29 year old American Idol contestant (oh yes people I'm talking about the increasingly disappointing yet hawt Michael Johns) makes me feel a bit Mrs. Robinson-ish. P.S. Thanks mucho to Australia, Nigeria, the Philippines, Ireland...and the other countries that provided us with what could shape up to be the best American Idol season (if they get their acts together, literally).

5. Why a playroom full of high-quality toys holds no appeal for the children, even though the boxes assured us the toys would provide ample enjoyment and education for our kids. They are instead playing with an empty paper towel tube, which they've rigged on the stairs railing to function as a cannon out of which they are shooting rubber balls.

6. My addiction to frou frou coffee. Why am I such an easy sell if they add some fancified words to coffee such as french vanilla caramel?

7. Socks. Seriously, I don't think I lose socks, I think they breed, in the laundry, or maybe the wash. Maybe they're like sea monkeys.

8. Moment of Truth. Who wants to hear the whole truth? Not me! I think truth is overrated. Gentle honesty is nice. White lies. Constructive criticism. Privacy! But truth? "Do you have any secrets that would end your marriage?" WTF?!?! Who asks this sort of thing on television and who goes on TV to answer this sort of thing?!?! It's a mad, mad world.

9. How to accomplish two fun things I really want to do this summer: (1) go on a Caribbean cruise with Big Head Todd and the Monsters (and my husband) (2) go to BlogHer '08.

10. Why people will write for profitable publishers, for free.


Message in a Bottle

Mimi is wicked cool. If you like people who are writer's writers, you might like to read Mimi---not that a hugely popular blogger like her needs my little promo or anything, but I'll offer the plug anyway.

Anyway, Mimi started a message in a bottle meme.

I got tagged out of Pet Monologues. The object is to take the illustration and write a message in it, then tag five or so people and ask them to do the same.

Original image:

My message:


So...who do I tag?

I'd like each of you to take any or all of these that you might like. I'm not up to tasking anyone this's too beautiful and lazy...

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Anonymous said…
#5 is so true. My loves to play with empty boxes or the plastic cooking utensils. I don't know why we keep buying him toys.

#4 You might be right! This may be the best Idol yet. I have friends from the Philippines who are e-mailing me to vote...LOL
Unknown said…
I haven't seen that Toyota ad, but it is freaking me out from here.
painted maypole said…
your bedroom says to me neat and orderly. have you seen mine yet? i put the picture up. yours puts mine to shame. and if you click on the photo it enlarges it, and you can read the notes. i like all of your todos. mine would be far to lengthy... but I could probably sum it up by saying "put all this crap somewhere else"
Jennifer S said…
I'm with you on the Toyota ad. WTH?

I won't be doing the bedroom meme. I can't bring myself to think about what its current state says about me. But there ARE books next to the bed. Which might mean I've just been reading too much. (Let's go with that.)

Seeing pictures of Prince Harry in military uniform made me feel the same as your #4. I know. I know!
I love your painting over your bed. Gorgeous!
Amie Adams said…
Wonderful message in a bottle. I'd love to find that.
Texasholly said…
I loved all of this.
Yes, the Toyota ad is dumb. So what, they locked him in his car? Just dumb.
Aliki2006 said…
I like your list--and I so agree with you about the Toyota campaign--how gruesome and bizarre...
I don't get the ad.

I love the pillows on your bed!! Too cute :)
Liv said…
i haven't seen the ad, but now i feel pretty bad about having a toyota sedan.

Lawyer Mama said…
If you click on your bedroom picture, you can see the notes. But here are the things I noticed first:

- Love the sage green pillow with the red flowers on it. Also love all the throw pillows. I'm similarly addicted to throw pillows.

- The lamps on the side tables. I have the same one, although not on my bedside table.

- Your artwork, I presume? It's the first thing I noticed. And now I covet it.

#7 - I've figured it out. Clearly my socks are secretly moving down to Houston to hang out with *your* socks. I swear it seems like I buy socks every other week!
dharmamama said…
I thought it said, "pink kid sucks", and was like "Wow, Julie sure is cranky about that baby doll." Socks! Of course.

#4. Oh, number four. I've heard the non-creepy definer is your age, divided by two, plus seven. Anything that age and above is non-creepy. Totally ruins my Mrs.Robinson-esque enjoyment of watching Drake Bell - but how else am I supposed to enjoy the Disney channel?

But, you know, for me, Mrs. Robinson wasn't so much about the age as it was about her needing to conquer her daughter's love interest. THAT'S what creeped me out about that. The age thing didn't bother me at all in Harold & Maude. Hmmm... Harold & Maude... maybe I could be an inspiration for those younger guys...
Magpie said…
We have the same bed. But yours is tidy and made. Mine is always a rumpled mess!
Bon said…
beautiful, huh? we're having the storm of the century. go figger.

i really want to read the notes on your room, y'know?

and yeh...29 year olds seem freakishly babyish to me, suddenly. it's depressing.
niobe said…
I clicked on your bedroom photo, just so I could read all your notes. I knew they would be interesting and funny and, of course, they were. That's a meme I might be able to do myself.
ewe are here said…
Nice bedroom; love the notes! ;-)

As for the 10 Things You Don't Get, I'm with you re no. 4: great season, but so young! And No. 5, my boys, too, play with giant cardboard tubes and roll their cars threw them. And, alas, BlogHer is just a pipe dream for me.
Victoria said…
I am glad the Toyota commercial doesn't make sense to you. If it did I would be worried. I triple hate the Moment of Truth commercials. No one in their right mind would appear on or watch this show. Disgusting.
Anonymous said…
I like the paint color you have, although I am realizing that I never go for warm colors, even when I intend to.

Decorative pillows on the bed? Verboten. Too much trouble to remove and replace daily. So saith he who maketh not the bed.
Kyla said…
Your room is so tidy! Mine is decidedly NOT tidy. Even on a good day it isn't tidy...maybe we can call it Cluttered-Chic? ;)
Catherine said…
I don't need to see the notes, that picture speaks a thousand words - that's the tidiest bedroom I've ever seen.

About the 100 calories: I KNOW!!!

Ah...I had forgotten you were a fellow Rumi fan..

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