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Afternoon Celeb Gossip on the 10s! She's been a bad, bad blogger

Who's that alleged health nut stalking out of McDonalds this morning? Could it be the Good Girl of Blogging being Oh-So-Bad?

Indeed it is. Independent sources confirm that celeb-wannabe blogger Julie Pippert of Using My Words was seen clutching a non-diet soda and a bag containing not one but two Bacon, Egg and Cheese McGriddles plus hash browns!

Todd Talmadge, morning shift manager at the Space City McDonalds, confirmed that the blogger formerly known as the Ravin' Picture Maven purchased two McGriddles and a full calorie Coca-Cola.

"She always asks for Pepsi products like we're some sort of low class joint, KFC or something. Sometimes she gets the Deluxe breakfast---that's the hotcakes, sausage, egg and hash brown---but usually she gets the McGriddles. She always wants extra ketchup. I think she puts some on her eggs," Talmadge said, grimacing in disgust.

Blogger Pippert smiled for the cameras as she exited the local fast food restaurant. When asked about the food, she tried to claim it was for a friend, but refused to name this alleged "friend."

She was wearing low rise skinny jeans and a tiny white tank. How long until that McGriddle-Muffin top hangs over her braided belt? And Julie, call Stacy and Clinton about that hair. We're pretty sure lime green bandannas went out of style with The Bangles. (For those of you under 80, The Bangles were an all-girl power-pop group headed up by Susanna Hoffs. Popular in the early and mid-80s, they capitalized on the success of The Go-Gos.)

You heard it here first, at Afternoon Celeb Gossip on the 10s!

This is part of the Monday Mission: Enquiring Minds...

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Girlplustwo said…
you look gorgeous, you diva, you. and damned be those pepsi products!
flutter said…
look at you rockin the red lips!
Suz said…
Very funny!! You know, I probably should have done mine about myself rather than the twins, but I don't do anything tabloid worthy - at least not any more.
Victoria said…
"How long until that McGriddle-Muffin top hangs over her braided belt?"


Bea said…
So funny! This is one of my favourites of yours, I think. Who knew you were the Good Girl of Blogging??
Looks like you got caught by the pop-a-lotzie. I guess that's the price of celeb-wannbe fame.
Anonymous said…
Great jeans!
Julie Pippert said…
You guys know who I am totally taunting on here besides myself?

Amy Winehouse, who made countless Web sites, blogs, and newspapers for being caught leaving McDonalds with GASP! (shock and horror) a bag of junky fast food.

To do this I sought out Perez Hilton and other gossip rags (that I don't normally read...I SWEAR) and was so struck by the Amy Winehouse thing.

I mean ONLY TODAY I for real drove through Wendy's drive-through to get Persistence some of those orange wedges (because she was STAHVING!)(and could not make it home!).

What if the Papparazzi gave a rat's rear about me?

Would I be reported, some sleazy shot as I---make-up free, hair sloppily clipped behind my ears---rummaged through my ashtray of change for $1.07?

I mean, they must laugh. Right? So ridiculous?
Liv said…
Ha. This was good. Of course, that just goes to show you that I: a) love the celebrity gossip and b) have the attention span of a gnat.

BTW, if the photogs did care about you, they'd probably spot you your meal cost in exchange for a clean shot.
S said…
you crack me up, j.
Mad said…
Hell, I don't even know who Amy Winehouse is, that's how much I care about pop culture these days. But Susanna Hoffs, that's another matter altogether. Did you ever see her truly abysmal feature film, The Allnighter? Oh my.
MARY G said…
Snicker. Love it!
Christine said…
this is hilarious!
Funny and clever! You "Fugged" yourself. Have you see that? I'm shamefully addicted to it.

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