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Next Hump Day Hmm topics for 10-31, 11-7, and 11-14

It just so happens that the next two Wednesdays already have stuff going on so I'm going to try to dovetail with that and delay my planned next topic until 11-14, when it's probably not as timely but eh, if it seems really off then we can change. Anyway, no rule saying you can't write about it now and then I'll link it up then. :)

10-31: What other topic can I possibly ask everyone to talk about except something Halloweenish on this date? :) Tell us a scary story, a fun story, an experience, a tradition, anything you'd like to that has to do with the event most people celebrate on 10-31. If it means more than a night of silliness and trick or treating to you, tell us about that. If you don't celebrate Halloween, feel free to talk about that! I enjoy hearing all angles. If you want to tell a scary story, or some supernatural experience (that may or may not have happened on Halloween), go for it.

11-7: This is Blog Blast for Peace Day. I try to keep up with all the various blog blasts going on and have failed abysmally lately. I admit it: a little small here LOL. However. For this one I got a notice, and let me tell you, a notice ups the odds from something like 25% chance I'll know about it to about a 90% chance I'll know about it, remember it, and participate. LOL. This is sponsored by Mimi Lenox of Mimi Writes. Go here to learn more about the Blog Blast for Peace.

11-14: A ha! Finally a space (I think? Anything else planned on this date?). I am so distressed for the people of California who've been affected by this fire. 1600 of them so far have lost their homes, lost everything. It's made me think about loss, what we value, and potential gain. Let's write about that. Imagine losing all your material possessions (except the few you can carry)... Or, tell us a story about some sort of loss. If you can inspire through hope, and tell us about something you gained from it, and real value, please definitely do that.


Kellan said…
Hey Julie - I just came over to say hi - I have to admit, I usually don't have a clue what you are talking about on your posts, but I ALWAYS read them. Sometimes I don't leave a comment because I have no idea what to say about some of the stuff you write about. I find your writing very impressive (to say the least) and will always want to see what you are writing about - but if I don't sometimes leave a comment, just know that I am still lurking - ALWAYS. Thanks for always coming by to see me - it always makes my day that you take the time to read my silly stories. See Ya.
Anonymous said…
I'm loving the halloween topic.

I might just have to get in on this one...
Christine said…
i'm so on board with something for Halloween. maybe my favorite scary movies. . .
Mimi Lenox said…
Hmmmm....Halloween, Halloween....I'll try to think of something spooky.
Thanks for mentioning BlogBlast For Peace. Can't wait to see your contribution!
Snoskred said…
Fantastic - thanks for planning them in advance, it really helps me out with my blogging. ;)


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