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For my friend Flutter: Luciana Souza

I adore bossa nova, and really like what Luciana Souza has done with it, maybe more than Bebel (Gilberto)! Plus she duets with James Taylor (who knew he was huge in Brazil!).

Please watch this interview with Luciana as she eloquently explains her bossa nova (in English) (includes some musical samples):

I love how she describes bossa nova as reflective and introspective, a poetic and lyrical musical interpretation of life. I think this is why I love it so well.

Five last words: Luciana Souza and Pablo Neruda.

Whose voice does she put you in mind of? Curious to see if it is the same as me!

Note: Don't miss my post about living Green-ish rather than as a Green Queen below! It ain't easy being Green!

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S said…
She reminds me of Joni Mitchell, but that may be because she sings a snippet of Mitchell at the very beginning of the video.
Magpie said…
The last one, with the kalimba, is extraordinary. I may have to see if it's on iTunes. Thanks.

(the second one, at Newport, is no longer available...)
flutter said…
I adore this, she is incredible. Her voice kind of reminds me of a blend of Astrud Gilberto and Sade.

Thank you for this, it's perfect for my mood today Julie!

Who does she remind you of?
Julie Pippert said…
A little Joni, a little Astrud...but TONS of Julia Fordham.

I think Julia Fordham is brilliant.

Anyway right off when I first heard Luciana my mind was going crazy for whose voice it put me in mind of, and finally I got Julia Fordham. The earthy yet angelic quality, even though the timbre of Luciana is higher.

There is one other: Basia Trzetrzelewska. (Wow, I had to dig deep for that one and my head hurts a little. I think I had to go back 20 years for it.)

So Julia:
A live version of Porcelain (one of my favorites of her but not the favorite)

And Basia:
Basia singing "Astrud"

What do you guys think?


(Yes I know everyone else was listening to the Psychedelic Furs back then and I was too but I ALWAYS loved my jazz.)
Christine said…
lovely. just lovely.
Anonymous said…
Beautiful. Reminds me of Sarah Maclachlan.

Am I even spelling that right?

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