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Outside, it is the upper 70s, maybe even the 80s. Who can tell, who cares, when it is perfect like this?

Outside the leaves and lawns are still green; incongruous with the fall and Halloween decorations.

Outside, the children have gathered in the cul-de-sac. They've brought toy cars and scooters, a few bikes. Even the adults, their own toys in hand---basketballs, RC helicopters---have come. Who can resist a day like today?

Outside, on a day like today, we are all children.

Outside, the sun shines, the wind blows gently, stirring the leaves and the small plastic jack-o-lanterns suspended from tree branches with grosgrain ribbon, orange and white striped.

Outside children shout ideas, games, and laughter. They approach one another tentatively, at first, used to one another only within the confines of scripted playgroups and playdates. Within a short fall perfect moment, they relax and find easy comfort playing with one another, alongside one another. The smallest girls are quickly riding in the back of the battery powered Jeep of the smallest boy. The moms and dads laugh to see such a sight.

Outside a dog chases a ball, thrown by a tween fan who cared for him while his family traveled.

Outside. We are all outside. Outside after being inside for months; even the dog is shaking with the restrained exuberance of freedom and enjoyment.

Outside is inside, as we all throw open our windows and remove boundaries from indoors and outdoors, from one another.

Outside is a perfect moment that will be forever frozen in our hearts as amazing. A moment we spend our lifetimes trying to recapture.

Copyright 2007 Julie Pippert
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thailandchani said…
Wow. Yes. It's the same sort of weather here today. When I was over at Target, I came very close to buying a bicycle.
What a perfect day! I am so happy for you...and also a little envious. We've had a damp, cold and rainy weekend. The boys were confined to the INside most of today, and by evening we were all getting a little antsy!

Here's to more days like yours today!

Heidi :)
flutter said…
what a beautiful last sentence :)
Suz said…
We had perfect weather like that on Saturday and, you're right, those are the types of moments that make Fall so lovely.
Girlplustwo said…
what a lovely, lovely day.
Gale said…
It was lovely today. The leaves were raked out to the road. Wood was piled up to be taken in for later in the season. The BBQ was heated up to cook the steak. Outside was good!
So poetic, absolutely lovely, welldone Julie!!
Sunshine said…
I wish there were more of those carefree outside days. They seem too few.
Kellan said…
Julie this was simply beautiful. I spent most of the outside here and it was magic as well. I loved this post - see ya later.
painted maypole said…
love love love those kind of days. what a great description
Kyla said…
Exactly how I've felt this week. Although, we have no children nearby sadly, just my little ones outside causing a ruckus.
S said…
i'm so so glad you finally got one of those days. fantastic.
Scribbit said…
SIgh. I'm so jealous, wish it was like that here.
Christie said…
Sounds like a perfect day. The weather here is steadily colder, and time outdoors becomes shorter and shorter. There's lots to be said for crisp fall weather, but I love warm days.
Gwen said…
See, this is why I force my children outside every day it's half way decent--because I know the clutch of winter is just around the corner.
Anonymous said…
Beautiful. Simply beautiful.
Christine said…
oh this was beautiful.

you know, you are an amazing writer.

i wish i was there with you to share a beer. . .
Although a bit crispier, we had a great weekend as well. I finally got to clean my garage and get it ready for winter! Yay me!
Anonymous said…
Perfect weather days are a blessing, truly! Lovely post.
Anonymous said…
...we are all children.

A day when I am actually *there* and not thinking about yard work, or what I should be doing inside, or whether we've been doing this long enough now can we get in the car and do some errands...

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