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Facing a Challenge, we were supposed to be on vacation, huh?

Just to make you giggle before breaking my promise and being a little serious- Willsie did indeed get the 'booder' with much encouragement from Sauncy. -"Willsie, you picking your nose? Did you get a booder, let me see! eewwww!"

Today's Hump day Hmmmm...... (aka, as taking a break from my BLATANT mommy blogging)
Link to Emily to see the original question,

I guess I better weigh in since I am blogsitting for the usual host.

This topic has so many possible answers in my world I wasn't even sure where to start. The littlest things can be a huge challenge in as much as the big.

Some days its hard to even take a shower, but I have no problem walking into a room full of women I have never met (after I finally do shower of course). :0)

Some days I can wake up and hop right into life but will worry for 12 hours about having to walk into a room full of women I have never met. :0)

I have talked before about my tenuous balance. And I guess maintaining that is a challenge. Finding the great things and moments in the world that pull you through, when sometimes all you want to say is, why bother. This is a challenge I face.

I have started doing something lately that I hope will help me find those great moments or aspects in this world to continually face life's challenges.

I have joined the service league (for all practical purposes the junior league, which is a whole other story about facing a personal challenge). I know, I know, most of you are thinking, insipid, shallow, grown-up sorority, and I did too. Make fun of me like Julie does, it's okay. What brought me in this direction was an e-mail I received from a college friend encouraging me to join CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates).

From the website here is the overview:

Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) are volunteers who advocate for a child’s emotional, physical and educational needs while they are involved in the legal system with the commitment of helping them find a more stable life in a safe and permanent home. Every child in foster care in this County is assigned a CASA to advocate on his behalf. CASA volunteers are screened and receive 30 hours of training before being assigned to a case. Volunteers are assigned by the court to serve as Guardian Ad Litem for the child. The CASA volunteers interview the child as well as parents, foster parents, social workers and others involved in the child’s case, to determine the best plan for the child and promote that plan in court.

CASA volunteers are actually supporting the CAC (Children's Advocacy Center) which provides therapy and coordinates all aspects of the child's assessment and legal issues. This is all intended to lessen the emotional trauma for the children.

Daunting. I really wanted to go through the training, but had to weigh how much time I actually had now and especially time without at least one child attached (none). So I guess I did the second best thing, which was join an organization that donates tons of time and money to Child Advocates and CASA. I have been placed on the Child Advocates committee. This way I can do 'little' volunteering for a place that I think is hugely crucial.

And hopefully soon I will be able to go through the training and be an advocate. I know in this I will see some of the saddest aspects of our world, but will possibly see some of the greatest as well.

Then maybe, just maybe I'll realize all my little challenges are surmountable.

xoxo, Lesley
wine for the whine today: Pinoit Noir, and for dessert a piece of flourless chocolate cake with fresh raspberries

Rambling Disclaimer:

I am actually hijacking Julie's blog to get the word out about a great community service, that although I wish was unnecessary or didn't need to exist, a sad truth that it is and does.

Also, I don't mean to sound like I think I'm a huge-hearted philanthropist. In fact my interest isn't necessarily completely altruistic, and who knows if I made the right decision to even be helpful. I wasn't sure if I wanted to write about this, worried that people would think I was looking for them to say, 'oh great citizen Flavia.' I guess it is something that is right now at the center of my life and something that is close to my heart. I just don't want to feel helpless.


Anonymous said…
Service is about doing what you can do, not what other people think you should. You are giving what you can and that's perfect.
ewe are here said…
CASA definitely sounds like a worthy cause. Good for you!
Anonymous said…
Hey -- good job linking!
Kyla said…
Oh great citizen Flavia. ;)

No, I think you are doing something worthwhile, contributing to a cause that is worthy in a way you are available to do so. It is wonderful.
Lawyer Mama said…
I know people who serve as guardian ad litems and it's a wonderful thing to do! Painful and sometimes heartbreaking, yes, but very rewarding.

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