Monday, October 29, 2007

On planning (and other freak moments of organization)

I hope everyone had a happy weekend.

I have a little bloggy business so I'll get right to it; this way we get back to the fun that is this week sooner!

1. Blogging Pledge Class of October 2007

If you are a new blogger, undiscovered blogger, blogger who wants to reach a broader audience, or if you know a blogger like this...send me the deets! I have a great list going already and will post that later this week (to give everyone who wants to time to join in). To get listed simply email me at j pippert at g mail dot com or comment here with a brief synopsis of your blog and a link to your blog.

2. Hump Day Hmm for Halloween

10-31: What other topic can I possibly ask everyone to talk about except something Halloweenish on this date? :) Tell us a scary story, a fun story, an experience, a tradition, anything you'd like to that has to do with the event most people celebrate on 10-31. If it means more than a night of silliness and trick or treating to you, tell us about that. If you don't celebrate Halloween, feel free to talk about that! I enjoy hearing all angles. If you want to tell a scary story, or some supernatural experience (that may or may not have happened on Halloween), go for it.

Check here for more upcoming topics.

3. Big Thanks

A huge thanks to Kellan of On the upside for the sweet award she gave me!

Kellan explained that
This award is, "Presented to awesome blog owners who keep their readers excited about their posts. Their blog posts are interesting and worth reading and keep their readers looking forward to each and every post."

I will have to think hard about who to pass this to, but I wanted to get a big thanks out to Kellan!

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Family Adventure said...

Julie, congrats. It is very well deserved.


Kellan said...

You are very welcome - yes, well deserved. See ya.

Cathy said...

Most certainly deserved -- congratulations!

Anonymous said...

Well deserved, Julie.

With you in mind, I searched the net for a "hardest working blogger" type award, back when I had some goodies to pass out, but didn't come across anything. Thanks for your dedication and all you do.

Christine said...


isn't kellan the sweetest?