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Must be something in the water

Hi there. Hope you are having a nice Sunday.

I realize that I ought to find something pretty to play or nice to say, but maybe later.

For now, click play.

* I am so sick. Someone call House. No, wait, don't. He tortures patients. I'm not that sick.

* It must be so freeing in a way to be okay with being an asshole. How is that such an endearing quality?

* I am loving this song.

* No clue whatsoever why someone put the song to a House montage but whatever.

* In fact, after downloading this band's version of Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want and playing back and forth between it and The Smiths, I'm hardpressed to say which I like better.

I'm shuffling back to my anti-viral tissues, Kombucha tea, and sofa for a Women's Murder Club marathon.

But I'll leave you with The Smiths...and please, please, please let me get well.

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Anonymous said…
I'm tuck in my ways, I guess. I'll take the Smiths. That late-80's angst just works for me. I guess because I was so filled with angst a that time (Ha! As though it's dissipated with time). In any case, I'm a miserable, miserable person when I have a cold. I hope you are more tolerable than I am. And I hope you can have some peace while you get better.
S said…
Oh sweetheart! You have enough physical issues without also being acutely sick. I'm so sorry.

Feel better soon.

(But...that Dr. House...he's pretty damn cute, is he not?)
Lawyer Mama said…
Oh I LOVE The Smiths! But then, you already knew that. Thanks for the tunes and I hope you're feeling better soon.
Kat said…
Ohhh. Good tunes. Hope you feel better soon!
Amie Adams said…
It's his gorgeous blue eyes that keep me coming back.

Feel better soon. This is a horrible time to be sick.
flutter said…
Hey get better, hmm?

ps. I love the Smiths
Suz said…
First heard the Smiths during my year in Scotland. Love them.

Maybe on TV being an asshole is endearing, but I rarely find it to be so in real life. Just annoying or worse.
Anonymous said…
Just heard tell of Radiohead doing a Smith's can find it on YouTube, I believe. I hope you feel better soon, Julie. And thanks for visiting my blog! I feel honored : )
Kyla said…
Feel better, Julie!
Aliki2006 said…
I hope you feel better--soon!

And thanks for the song. Although I must say I think I'm the only person around who just doesn't like that show.
GIRL! I hope you feel better soon!

I despise being sick....because this is the time where my kids show their asses more than ever!

Not literally...because that might amuse me...and speed my recovery...NO! only in the figurative sense!

Glad we cleared up that misunderstanding! :)

Scribbit said…
"And if a double-decker bus . . .
Crashes into us . . . .
To die by your side . . .
Is such a heavenly way to die . ."

Yea, I love the Smiths
atypical said…
Now see that? I should have known better than to comment when I was sick. I've gone and given you my bug.

I truly hope you feel much better VERY soon; you have enough to deal with already.


Christine said…
you poor thing! i hope you are well now. ..

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