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BLOGGING PLEDGE CLASS of OCTOBER 2007...Round 1 of bloggers you should know (if you don't already)!

Note: Please also check-out my late-breaking post from yesterday in which I explain I'm not anti-social, just clueless. It's very, very short. Promise! Thanks!

Hello! It's my pleasure to introduce the Blogging Pledge Class of October 2007. There were no bizarre rituals involving Sharpie markers or strange chants over candles in which the Secrets of the Yellow Rose were revealed.

Note: However, I will reveal the secrets of these flowers, hereinafter known as the Blogging Bouquet. We've got delphinium for boldness, stephanotis for good luck, begonias for deep thoughts, and red chrysanthemums for sharing.

To participate, all anyone had to do was simply comment or email their short blog promo and link to their blog and VOILA!

Now I'm happy to share with you the list of bloggers! Some are new, some have been around a while, some found me, and I found some (mainly from NaBloPoMo!). Maybe you've seen their names here or there. Now's your chance to drop by these blogs and say hello if you haven't before!

ALM at Come On Along says, "I write about being a single mom, my job as a social worker, raising my two boys, dealing with my my annoying ex husband, my wonderful boyfriend & trying to survive it all... (Except the boyfriend part. He helps!)."

LM Harmon says, "LM Harmon is Leslea M. Harmon, wife of one and mother of three, a busy entrepreneurial whirlwind of power in the Louisville, KY area. The blog of this website is a work-in-progress, not unlike her life. Listen to Leslea blather on one of two podcasts she hosts by clicking on the appropriate links. See her dazzling amateur photos in her gallery–but if you are looking for some good photos, visit her husband, the pro. Have a look around, leave a note, and enjoy."

Annie at Second Edition says, "I have been blogging since June of 2006. First at Spaces, now mainly on my .Mac site though I simil-post at blogger too. I started blogging as a way to cope with my first husband's death in Jan.'06 and went public in Jan of this year when I felt that I had something to share. It's mainly about my journey. Caregiver to widow to new love to remarriage to Immigrant to Canada."

Annie, in answer to your question about copyrighting your blog posts: do put a copyright notice with name and correct year. See what Deborah Woehr has to say about it at Copyrighting Your Blog. Problogger and Marketing Sherpa also have some articles about copyrighting, whether it is protecting your own material or quoting material that may be copyrighted.

Siobhan of realmotherhood says, "Rants, vents and observations about motherhood in a foreign land (Istanbul)." She's a NaBloPoMo participant!

Stacy at Life "Inside" says, "I am a SAHM of 2 school age kiddos, wife of an USAF retiree who is now working in the AK oil fields....and after 11 years, still trying to learn to love life in Alaska....not always so easy:). When did I become a domesticated woman...driving a minivan, stopping at the mocha stand on the way to school, fighting the battle of saddlebags, grey hair & impending wrinkles? My life is like some commericial for fabric softener or deoderant or something...a beige house on a cul-de-sac, 2 kids, a great hubby, a van & a gym membership....carpooling & all I need is a dog....oh wait... now we've got one of those too...."

Blogversary says, "I write about my life, kids, family, religion, politics and my various passion, which change with the season. I chose the name blogversary, because I like new words and it was easy for me to remember."

Sophie of The Redhead Has Spoken says, "I'm not exactly new, but I'm still way under the radar. I'm a 42 year old newlywed (for the first time) learning to live with stepchildren, Houston, and hoping my husband will keep me from being the crazy lady with cats."

On Dragonfly Wings says, "I'm a stay at home mommy, an army wife, and a misplaced American living in Germany. I blog about being a mommy...and well, whatever else I feel like blogging about. Trying to figure it out still, actually..."

Workout Mommy says, "In my life before kids, I was a personal fitness trainer and self proclaimed fitness junkie. I loved the 5am workouts and evening strength training sessions. Now that I'm a mom, my life is filled with 5am feedings and piles of laundry. I've let my fitness slip and this blog will hopefully provide inspiration and motivation to help myself ---and YOU--get back on track and back in shape. I want to be fit, be healthy, and be happy! No more's time to workout mommy!"

Two Square Meals says, "I found you via my friend, Catherine, at Everyday Life as Lyric Poetry. I just started my blog last month after her constant nagging for me to do it. I'm a SAHM of two precocious little boys. My blog is a little of everything, funny kid stories, football, the South, spiritual meditations, book reviews...whatever is on my mind. I was an English major once upon a time, so I just like to write."

Rose Daughter says, "I am a stay at home army wife to two small kids. I write about children stuff and stuff I feel like writing at the time."

Astrid at Life with a Seaview says, "I'm a Norwegian girl married to an Italian guy and we live in France. Normally I rant on about everyday stuff and sometimes it might just be interesting too." (is she kidding? She lives in one of my all-time favorite places in the world. Just her photos are interesting, and then her stories are too.)

Hope at Hope Radio says, "Married to the greatest man on Earth, 4 beautiful kiddos, homeschooling now, former teacher, business owner and at present, still a pain in my own ass and a legend in my own mind. Carpe Diem, Baby!"

Storrie Family from Lunatic Fringe says, "I am inching towards 40 years old. Found happiness in 2000 when I met my husband, doubled that happiness in 2002 when we married...and then trippled that happiness with 3 wonderful kids in 37 can get crazy with a 3 year old, a 2 year old and an 8 month old! Some days, I feel like I am walking the lunatic fringe!"

Do you want to be on this list? Let me know by sending a brief 411 about your blog and the link to your blog to me at j pippert at g mail dot com. Put as the subject: BLOG PLEDGE

Copyright 2007 Julie Pippert
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Another great idea Julie! Guess who I'll be reading this weekend?
Anonymous said…
Wonderful idea. I love getting to know new bloggers (well, at least new to me).
Liv said…
you're such a people bringer togetherer, you.
Amie Adams said…
I still think it was more fun when we could use the Sharpies.
flutter said…
yeah what Liv said!
Anonymous said…
Thank you, too from a noobie really have been an encouragement! I put your link up!
Julie, you are a good egg.

Great collection to explore!
Lawyer Mama said…
Can I be a begonia? I'm not new or anything, but I LOVE begonias....

And I'm an INTJ. Please????
Lisa said…
Great idea. There's some blogs here I've yet to discover. Thanks for spotlighting them.
Anonymous said…
Bless you

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