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Love me like a rock-rock-rockoon

So there I was working away at the computer, trying hard not to think that out of the quasi-intelligent posts I've run this week---such as "Blog Blast for Peace" and "Does the abstinence message for drug use work?"---the Houston Chronicle decided to feature for this week my self-indulgent segue-to-review post about a boyfriend from over twenty years ago. (Hi Houstonians, thanks for continuing to tap in. And Dear Editor, I am not complaining. I'm grateful, immensely.)

I thought a bit of music was in order while I worked, so I hit up YouTube, which is like crack for iPod deficient middle-aged women (which my loving husband assures me I am, the middle-aged part that is).

I was enjoying a bit of Stevie Wonder (anyone want to go to his concert with me in December? I asked my husband but he was laughing too hard to reply beyond, "Are you freaking kidding me? Isn't he dead? Boy you really are a little old lady. Stevie Wonder." And then he had to go get a tissue or something to wipe his eyes, streaming like eyes do when you laugh too hard. Yeah well he listens Eyed Peas. Those are like so last New Year's Eve.)

I decided I was in a MoTown mood (big surprise...pretty much always in the mood for MoTown) so I meandered over to the Four Tops and then threw in a little Aretha, which for some reason reminded me of Paul Simon. So I loaded up some Paul Simon (yes people, I know the 70s ended thirty years ago), which made me laugh because my sister Flavia and I used to always sing/scream Call Me Al and of course she tormented me my entire life calling me Julio Down By the Schoolyard, which we both assumed was dirty dirty dirty, seeing as how it was against the law and all. So she was delighted and I was offended only not really because I loved Paul Simon and that song.

Right. The point.

So I'm checking out which Paul Simon I want and I see "Love me like a rock by the Coon Family."

You know I had to check it out, what with my Coon Troubles and all.
Aside: Quick Coon Trouble Recap:

Jan 07 The Rocky Raccoon Horror Picture Show: Man vs. Beast

Feb 07 Over the Hedge: A Declaration of War

August 07 Romeo Raccoon Must DIE!!!!!

Sept 07 In Fair Verona (If Disney, Monty Python, and Shakespeare collaborated on a story of two Houses alike in dignity, but differing in Species)

Of course I watched it. Of course I laughed my rear end off. It is probably funny only to me (and people who suffer coons like I do) but it somehow strikes right at my hilarious bone and overdeveloped sense of the ridiculous. There is something just too much about a family of raccoons waddling to Paul Simon, and I truly, truly enjoyed watching Mom and Dad Raccoon suffer from acting out offspring.

Behold, friends, The Coon Family video of Love Me Like a Rock:

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Mary Alice said…
That was so funny. Poor Mama Coon - she must be tired. I understand about being in the mood for old favorites. I have been listening to Billy Joel's kind of like running into an old friend.
S said…
Oh my GOD. That is all.
Suz said…
So cute! And I really needed the song to wrench me out of my Death Cab for Cutie phase.
Kyla said…
LMAO, Julie. You can find just about ANYTHING on YouTube.
Anonymous said…
I love Paul Simon! And I love Stevie too! And I AM MOST DEFINITELY NOT OLD. Really. Much. *ahem*
Anonymous said…
I can so relate to that mama raccoon.
Anonymous said…
That is too funny!!!

I know we have raccoons here, but the only time I've ever seen them is after they are already roadkill.
Jen said…
I will give a second amen to both Mr. Wonder and Mr. Simon. LOVE them both.

Wish I lived in your neck of the woods - I would so be catching the concert!
I love YouTube.

Never have I never missed cable TV less. More?

That video was hilarious. I had a day similar to mama raccoon's.
Christine said…

is it awful to say that raccoons kind of creep me out.

like cats.

i'm horrible.
Lawyer Mama said…
Wow, now I have this insane urge to go look up raccoon videos on youtube.

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