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Blogger, Interrupted...and mega pissed off about it, too

I will not be blogging today, as planned.

I was going to visit all of your blogs, and read (at least, with comment (if possible, and hopefully so). I was going to write about grief, awards, ask about blogreaders (because Technorati is SO OFF MY EFFING LIST!!!), and add a new link or so to the Hump Day Hmm, below.

I had other plans too: a nap (because the body isn't doing well and I can't make it eight hours up any longer, and we have Parent Orientation at school tonight, uhhh what's that, two weeks late?), some laundry, a bit of bathroom cleaning, play with Persistence, lunch with Patience at school, etc and so on.

But this plan has been interrupted.

As I already blew my top a paragraph or so back you can guess that my mild words and tone here are false.


Luckily for us all my children are not part of this situation and are fine because dudes, we SO DO NOT EVER want to see that level of Defcon. There might be some serious Julie Goes Rocker Dude and Bites Heads of Actual Live People, in that case.

Instead, I am mad and I am SO taking action. Do not screw with a Scorpio. That's a bad, bad, bad plan.

Two years ago I paid what is for us a blooming fortune to buy a brand-new Whirlpool Duet washer and dryer from Best Buy (note to others, no make that warning to others: DO NOT DO THIS). Those appliances have proved themselves to be incredibly costly pieces of crap. It took us two years to save up for them. And they have broken down at least once a quarter in the two years we've owned them.

Abe, my repair guy, practically has a key to my house.

That's how frequently we see each other.

Two breakdowns ago, Best Buy promised, one more breakdown and we'll declare those lemons and replace them.


Lies, damn lies.

The next breakdown Best Buy promised, next breakdown, which brings us to the current breakdown. This is total breakdown. My control panel, control board and thermister all must be replaced.

You'd think this would be enough for the promised replacement appliance.

No, no, instead I had to wait for new parts (with soaking wet linens mildewing...I'm sorry, what? Hang them outside to dry? Did you notice I live in the sub-tropics? It rains---by which I mean storms pouring rain---here EVERY DAY. There is no hanging laundry out to dry.)

I got the same song and dance, verse three, about next time...replacement appliance. Somehow, each repair doesn't quite meet their criteria for replacement

I laughed out loud, and not nicely, either.

So I sat around all day awaiting their convenience...they arrive, no parts. The parts are, apparently, lost. So, they asked me to wait until the find the parts they hadn't realized they'd lost.

I spend the day talking with one representative after another...ultimately ending with...they found the three parts and will come out later to repair my dryer.

But, you know what? I'm done with the pieces of crap called Whirlpool Duet. Done. Done with having to call because it's broken. Again. Done with calling and hoping this time qualifies me for the replacement unit. Done with waiting for repairmen and never knowing if I'll be able to wash and dry today (or not).

I want these units out of my home and my money---that blooming fortune I paid for these unreliable pieces of junk---refunded. I think Best Buy ought to demand Whirlpool refund them money for these units, too.

Instead...once again...I'm SOL.

Stuck with jury-rigged incredible expensive appliances that will hopefully last two months before breaking down again.

Just two years ago, I paid over $2000 for brand-new appliances that have turned into patched together hunks of junk.

It took us two years to save up that money.

I guess I better start saving up again. It doesn't look like these will last another two years.

And I had SO hoped to FINALLY update my kitchen and flooring in this house.



Whirlpool Duets?


Best Buy?

Sucks rocks.

copyright 2007 ulie Pippert


Anonymous said…
Shop at sears. You might pay more, but in my experience, as a past employee and now as a shopper, they are always available for me when there is a problem.

That sucks MONKEY BALLS. Blech.
S said…
Oh, hon. That totally sucks. I'm sorry. They should have declared them lemons long ago.
Yuk. Nothing worse than wasting your time and money on stupid things like appliances. Don't give up though. You have every right to a total refund and in the end you can move on to another brand and another vendor. When this kind of crap happens to me, I like to keep going to their store and getting in their manager's face - over and over. Eventually they get real tired of you and somehow "magically" figure out a way to - well, basically get rid of you - by giving you want you want.

Good luck. I hate to see you distracted from visiting my blog by a dryer for pete's sakes!
Amie Adams said…
I think you should link to all the companies above so they can see how un-f*cking happy are. They need to know their products suck.

I am so sorrry.
Magpie said…

Send your post to the powers that be at both companies.

Include links in this post.

Raise bloody hell.
Anonymous said…
Yuck. Double yuck. Write a letter to the president of Whirlpool. Include photocpies of all the repair bills and the bill of sale. Demand a refund.

I'm sorry!
Suz said…
OMG. My parents had the whirlpool duet and it broke down when we were there for Christmas. They were pissed beyond belief because they also had a string of repairs. I don't know if they ever got it resolved, but I do know that they now have new appliances.
Anonymous said…
Oh, I am so sorry. I know what a HUGE hassle this is as we recently purchased a new washer & dryer myself. I have to be honest...I thought for a nano-second about a fancy washer and dryer and then I remembered I did not have enough room in my living room to properly display such a purchase. So, I opted for the cheapest largest plain old white washer and dryer. $500 later (including shipping, install and removal of the old stuff)...I am one happy mommy.

Hope you have a better day tomorrow!

Christine said…
oh julie. this is awful! well i will never being buying one of those! sorry to hear this.
MARY G said…
From the way you sound, I would guess that if you wrapped the wet laundry around you, it would not only dry, it would sizzle.
Only it isn't funny when expensive appliances fail. My dishwasher went toes up on Christmas Day. I still find it hard to laugh.
I'm really with the guys that say you should hit them with the post. Blogger power. This is one really good use for it.
Gwen said…
Major suckage, dude. I am so sorry!
Snoskred said…
That is really unusual. I've had Whirlpool products before and they've always been fantastic. I would suggest contacting the company and discussing it with them because they hate to hear this kind of thing and will usually do everything they can to help.

It sounds like they might have had a bad batch of products there. ;( They may be well aware of it and willing to sort it for you.

It's sometimes better to actually turn up on their doorstep, if they have an office in your state.

I know I don't have to tell you this, but the best bet is to stay calm, be pleasant and polite, tell them you have an issue and you need their help to solve it. This will get you the best results. ;)

If that doesn't work, go back to the retailer where you purchased the goods and try to get something done there. If you can get the retailer on your side, they'll often fight the manufacturer on your behalf, so again calm and polite is the way to go ;)

Snoskred said…
Oh, Google Reader. ;)

Lawyer Mama said…
Oh crap! I have the SAME WASHER AND DRYER! We also bought ours 2 years ago. I know it won't be any consolation to you that we've never had a problem.

I completely agree that they have bent you over and fisted you up the ass here. Amie's right - you should totally link to all the companies. They'll find your post that way.
Arkie Mama said…
Ugh. You have my sympathies. We spent last year in appliance hell -- rabid washer, ineffective dryer.

I hate spending money on machines.
Kyla said…
Ack! That's awful.

Here's my assvice: Josh said that you need to call a different store and report what is happening. The three visits equals a replacement is company wide and they should have replaced it by now. My BIL works in a management position at one of the local stores, so Josh is familiar with the policies. He said there shouldn't be any way for them to weasel out of it. I hope he's right.
painted maypole said…

(screaming in sympathy...)
thailandchani said…
Oh, I can't stand dealing with repair places.. or the people, either.

I can certainly understand why you'd be feeling rather pissed off. Nothing is more frustrating!



Anonymous said…
And I thought the Whirlpool repair guy was bored? Oh, not wait. That's the Maytag man.

I'm sorry they turned out to be pieces of crap. That sucks.
atypical said…
I guess sending you an old fashioned wash board and a super powered hair dryer is out, then?

This STINKS. I am always very grateful for my husband when things like this happen around here. He is very good at complaining and getting what needs getting (whereas I hate dealing with such things so much that I would be royally screwed without him). Should I send him your way? ;)

I really hope this is settled soon.

-t (the recently invisible)
Mad said…
A yes, a fellow Scorpio. Another coin is falling into place.
Anonymous said…
OK, I am pissed. That is just downright wrong.
Tere said…
UGH. Sounds like a nightmare! We had a similar issue with a crappy couch we got at Rooms to Go.

This is so sucky! I hope you get a good resolution out of this!
Heather B. said…
Oh yeah. Scorpios? Bad fucking news. When angry, they will remove parts of your anatomy that you didn't even know existed. Then the fury will continue because they - ok WE - are obsessive like that. And we will never forget the reasons for why someone or something screwed up. So I feel for whoever gets the brunt of your wrath.
Well, hey, look: at least Snos and I agree, you should use Google Reader.

On customer disservice, see my own rant(s)


I hear ya! Give 'em hell.

One suggestion: deal with them in writing. E-mail them if you like. That way you have a record. Then threaten to sue, report them to the BBB, report them to the Federal trade Commission, report them to your state consumer (wait a minute, if you're in a subtropical state, scratch that).

You should get your $2,000 back or something worthwhile in kind. Don't give up!
Anonymous said…
"You have every right to a total refund and in the end you can move on to another brand and another vendor."

Exactly. If Whirlpool has betrayed your business, I suggest that you jump to another vendor. I hear Maytags are pretty darn reliable.
Anonymous said…
Just a couple of things...

Unfortunately, most states do not have a lemon law with appliances. This is usually for use for automobiles. Most warranties for almost every product states repair over replacement. If you do not have a Best Buy service plan, I would suggest contacting Whirlpool for an authorized service company. Good luck!
Anonymous said…
I don't know what a "thermister" is, but a broken one sounds bad... and I had totally been thinking I'd want those Duet machines for our next house...guess not. Thanks for the warning!

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