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The Great Perfect Post Confusion Debacle aka Julie Has Done Gone Lost Her Ever Lovin' Mind

Apparently my self-esteem is not great enough, 5 a.m. pre-coffee is never a good time to blog, and one should always double-check one's work because...

I seem to have missed the incredibly obvious fact that TWO separate people each gave me perfect posts for two different posts this month.

Color me prostrate with surprise and gratitude.

I am floored by the honor and my idiocy, all at once. Some people would lay down and die to walk out of a bathroom with skirt stuck in hose. I'd just laugh ho ho ho. But to goof like this? Mortified. Positively mortified. This is my vanity; I admit it fully.

Oh didn't I say I had a sick feeling I was messing up. Didn't I say I had been thought challenged lately?

I am reminded of Dan Quayle, "What a terrible thing to have lost one's mind. Or not to have a mind at all. How true that is."

Let us mourn the loss of my mind. I am truly amazed at the mush that was once a fully-functional brain, apparently as recently as last month no less. Moment of silence, please.

Okay. /spazz out

Luckily both ladies are understanding and with senses of humor. (Thank God.)

Let me try this one more time.

The absolutely brilliant (and kind, with a high tolerance for idiots) Misc Mum was kind enough to award my Kindergarten Orientation post with the Perfect Post Award.

------> One perfect post award Perfect Post Award for August 2007

Then, if you can stand it---because seriously, I barely can myself, I mean...dudes, my family will not thank you for elevating my esteem this way. The kids have already asked like fifty times, "But why are you wearing that tiara Mom? And speaking with that funny accent? And why do we have to call you Queen Mum?" I got a second perfect post.

The estimable, clever, and also kind (with similar high tolerance for idiots) Kim of In Full Bloom awarded my Romeo Raccoon Must DIE! for this award, too.

------> Two perfect post awards Perfect Post Award for August 2007

I was just feeling glad you guys had such an interest in woodland creatures gone bad, and were so understanding of a mom flipping out about sending her precious perfect baby (gasp sob) off to Big Scary Kindergarten (gasp sob) while putting on a Brave Face to aforementioned child (gasp sob).

Thank you, Kim. Thank you, Karen. Thanks ladies, for being so gracious and generous.

And before hitting publish, I am going to check my work.

P.S. In case you missed it: Next week's Hump Day Hmmm challenge

The Hump Day Hmm for next week. In order to placate my sister who says she's tired of me frying her brain every week (Girlfriend joined the JUNIOR LEAGUE...and she accuses ME of frying HER brain. KIDDING, hon. You know it. I'm all into the Sugarplum Fairy Sell-a-thon and crap next month.) I'm going a bit lighter next week. Take a topic, any topic, something that is weighing on you, bothering you, troubling you...and find the humor in it. Write about it from a humorous angle. It can be general or personal, just take a troubling topic and bring out the humor. FWIW, sarcasm counts. Letter style, onion style, Shakespeare style, prose, any style you want.

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S said…
Two perfect posts in one month? Has that even happened yet?

I bow to your bling.
Arkie Mama said…
You are wallowing in blog bling -- no wonder you missed one!

(you totally deserve two of those, you know)

flutter said…
wow, you are the mistress of the bling!
RubyShooZ said…
I'm wowed even if I don't know what a perfect post is - Congratulations!! I guess I've never made a perfect post. (smiling here)

I'm new here and just wanted to say this idea of finding humor in something weighing on you is a great idea and while I'd like to join in on it, I'm just going to have to put it on my list of things that would be great to write about. Excellent idea! I can't wait to see what folks write.

Peace, love and perfect posts.
Kyla said…
WOW, Julie. Wow.

Double Perfect Posts? Wow.
Christine said…
congratulations, lady! and i loved both of those posts, especially the one about romeo.
painted maypole said…
oh, the romeo raccoon post really was perfect. I laughed so hard! :) congrats!
Unknown said…
Congrats on the Perfect Posts! Always well-deserved. And thanks for the bloggy bling. You're too sweet to me--but I'll take it!

(I'm really struggling with this blogging schedule thing. I feel like I'm missing too much of your life!)
Aliki2006 said…
Congrats on the Perfect Posts! So well-deserved!
Anonymous said…
Oh man I am so glad Kim thought to nominate your Romeo post.
Anonymous said…
You deserve it! Congrats!
Lawyer Mama said…
Those were both well deserved Perfect Posts!

Dude! You say you're going to do something easier & then you order us to be funny? I can no more intentionally be funny than I can do a backbend right now.

But you say sarcasm counts, so *maybe* I can manage it.

And you know, babe, I may have to fly down to Houston for a happy hour. All the Houston bloggers are so fabulous I may have to do it.
MARY G said…
And you deserved every award!

I dropped over to find out about the Hmm for this week and find you all decked out in a new name and layout and dripping with awards. The new look is superb, ma'am, and the name gives me a giggle.
And here I had decided to get cerebral and join the thinking ones, and now I have to be funny? Looks like I'll have two lame posts in one week.
You know the best thing about your new look for me out here in the boonies with my slow download speed? It loads faster. I can come more often. Yes!
Catherine said…
Re: new look and name - LOVE IT!!!

Re: Hmmm topic - LOVE IT!!!


Julie Pippert said…
Glad to hear the topic is a welcoming one for so many of you.

LM, you can too be funny on a dime. I don't know who you think you are fooling. It's like Mrs. Chicky telling us she isn't nice. The futon is open to you anytime. We're all just waiting for Jenny to get well.

Mary, the nice thing about my life in writing is that you never miss's always right here.

Mary G, LAME, NEVAH! LOL Thanks for the compliments.

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