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A good thing going? Oh yeah, I'm going to STORY LAND! (Hump Day Hmm for 9-26-07)

This is a two part post: the good news and the bad news. I know I ought to do the bad news first so we can end on a good note, but eh, I'm more interested in the good news. This way, you can read the good and skip down to the awesome Hump Day Hmm links if you prefer to opt out of a rant.

So here it is: I've got a pretty good thing going right now.

Good thing 1: We're going on a trip to MASSACHUSETTS and NEW HAMPSHIRE

Museums! Fall! Color! Leaves! Long sleeves! Story Land!

October is a big month for us every year. In fact, we are just one endless party here the entire last quarter of every year. But October is special. It's one of my favorite months (or used to be, before I moved to Hades). It's Jon's birthday. He's turning older (aren't we all?). It's also the month we got married in.

Good thing 2: That marriage? Happened 14 years ago. No joke.

Married 14 years.
In relationship 16 years.
Known one another 19 years.

Is that some kind of crazy or what?

Good thing 3: Couples time alone.

By happy chance the hubs and I are getting two weekends without children in the near future. (I know!) At hotels. One is a resort. (Could you see me shudder with unsuppressed joy?) And next spring? LAS VEGAS! Jon won a weekend at one of the hotels in Vegas during one conference he attended.

Have we passed the word good and gone on to great yet?

And my blog...whatever will it do with all these goings-on in my life?

It might not be as active. We are discussing whether we take the laptop with us as we gallivant. (Oh yes I did, I used the word gallivant, in reference to myself.)

I'm going to ask my sister if she'll help, and I've put out a feeler here and there for some other support. It'll work out. If we do take the laptop, it might just be fluffy with photos or something for a bit.

I might not be around your places much, and I'll miss you and all you have going on, but I'll jump back in when life resumes a bit of normalcy.

That's the bad news. (Err, not the normalcy, that's not the bad news, the missing you guys is the bad news.)

One more spot of good news and then the rant.

Good thing 4: Patience is rocking out loud in kindergarten. She's earned ten Good Deed stickers for a trip to the Treasure Box. She got one Yellow Dot warning (I'm almost happier about this because if she's goofing around she's made friends and feels comfortable in her class). She's confident about going through the lunch line, comes home enthused about all she's learning, loves going through her folder with me, hasn't balked once about going to school, looks forward to it, is excited about her new far, so good. I feel very fortunate, especially when I hear stories from other moms about some kids, all of whom seem to be the young 5s (turning 6 next spring). Behavior regression, meltdowns, defiance, nastiness, exhaustion, fighting morning routine to go to school and so on. I didn't notice a huge difference in ability of the 5s versus my almost 6, but wow, I think it must really, really matter. The extra six months (give or take) my girl has on some of her classmates must really provide some maturity necessary to make it through all day kindergarten. Another mom and I were talking yesterday (our girls went through pre-school together and share a birthday) and we are really glad to have older 5s in kindie. Our kids are ready for the academic challenge (and are thriving on it), the social challenge (also thriving) and so forth. I'm usually the "Oh my kid is having tough times" mom and what a switch to listen to my friends discuss the troubles they and their kids are dealing with while I say all is fine.

Here's the rant:

I'll tell you who has a good thing going: service companies. You? Sit on your rump and do not move for a period of four to six hours. Bathroom break? No sirree, not even that. If they call and you don't answer? You are off the list!

Here's how the conversation went:

Me: ...and it just runs and runs. I'm worried the pipe is leaking in the wall.

Her: We can have someone out tomorrow between 12 and 4.

Me: (shocked at the quick response time, grateful it is so fast---usually it's 3-4 days) Oh wow, that's great! Yes, thanks!

Her: Okay, and what's the best number to call?

Me: This number, the home.

Her: And your other numbers?

Me: No, this is it. Just this phone.

Her: No cell?

Me: I have a prepaid cell, but it lives in my car; it's for emergencies only.

Her: Okay...

Me: Oh, I should mention, 12 to 4 tomorrow is fine, but I have to dash out for about 10 to 15 minutes at 3 to get my daughter. I'll be right back though so it's fine.

Her: It's not fine.

Me: Ummm...uh, what...?

Her: That's not fine. You must remain at home or have a legal adult who can represent you in your home during the entire span of hours.

Me: Umm, it's just for 10 minutes, while I get my daughter from school. It's only 10 minutes from my house if I walk. Driving is even faster. I'll just nip over, get her, be right back. I promise. You can count on me.

Her: No, still not fine. If they call your house and you don't answer? You're off the list. They move on to the next service call. We're very busy, you know.

Me: Yes, believe me, I understand busy. But, I"m not saying I'll be running in and out the whole time, just 10 minutes, at 3, like I said, so if you could be understanding, just a little bit...?

Her: We can't extend favors. It's against the policy. One rule for all.



Me: (holy crap is she effing kidding me?)

Her: Ma'am? Ma'am, are you there?

Me: I'm here. I'm just stymied.

Her: Stymied?

Me: Okay, flummoxed, flabbergasted.

Her: What do you mean?

Me: I's crazy. You ask me to sit and wait for four straight hours, with a phone in my hand the whole time, until you get around to me, and you can't forgive ten minutes for me to pick up my daughter from school? I mean, do you hear the paradox there? The irony?

Her: If it's too much trouble ma'am, we can schedule another day...a lot of people need plumbing and they're willing to wait per our requirements...

Me: No, no, I'll be here. Of course you're more important. I need that toilet fixed. If I haven't heard from you by three, I'll just wait right here. My daughter can hang at school, right? It's safe, made for kids. I'm sure her teacher won't mind waiting until I've heard from you guys and can come pick her up.

Her: Ma'am...

Me: No, seriously, I'll be here. I'll find a way to both be here and get my daughter home safe and sound. No worries. So, tomorrow, 12-4 I'll be right here, phone in hand, waiting for your convenience, checkbook at my side to pay you the exorbitant fee you'll charge me to repair my toilet in my house where I've been waiting for you over a four hour period.

Her: Ma'am...

Me: Okey dokey then, see you tomorrow and thanks!

Hang up.

Next day.

12 comes and goes.

1 comes and goes.

2 comes and goes.

3 I call my friend to pick up my daughter, and alert the school she's doing so. The school is very nice, but Patience doesn't get the message so when my friend, who she knows very well arrives to get her, Patience balks.

Patience: No, my mommy is supposed to pick me up.

Friend: It's okay, honey, your mommy asked me to pick you up.

Patience: No, that's what the bad guys say too. When someone says that you don't go with them. My mommy has to tell me it's okay.

School person: Your mommy said for you to go with this friend, she said it's okay.

Patience: I don't know you.

Friend: You know me, honey, it's okay. You've ridden home with me lots of times! But you're a smart girl, a really smart girl to be careful like this. Who can we get who'll help you know it's safe to come home with me?

Patience: My mommy.

Friend: Mommy is waiting for the plumber...remember he's going to fix your potty?

Patience: Yeessss....

Friend: Somebody else you trust? If not me?

Patience: I want my teacher.

School person fetches teacher, who assures Patience she knows that Mommy wants her to go with Friend and it's okay.

Patience cautiously climbs in my friend's car, the car she's ridden in more than any other besides my own. She gives my friend the hairy eyeball, and friend tries not to laugh. As Patience buckles herself in with the three other little girls, her very best friends by the way, the adults sigh with relief, and the car rider line at school finally moves on.

Friend arrives home and tells me the story. Patience still looks wary and a little cowed.

Friend: I don't mind at all of course, she's one smart cookie, has learned the right lessons in the right way. Better safe than sorry. She was right to get another grown-up.

Me: I'm somewhere between proud and amused, relieved and worried. Maybe I overtaught.

Friend: No, no, it's fine. She was nearly in tears in the car, she said she's really tired.

Me: Yeah, maybe, I bet. Listen, thanks again.

Friend: have you heard from the plumber yet?

Me: Of course not! I'm awaiting their convenience, you understand.

Friend: (laughs) All right, see you later! (Waves and drives off.)

Patience and I talk and I tell her I am proud of her. I get her settled with snack and note it is a quarter of four, and no call from the plumber. I take the initiative and call.

Me: Hi, it's Julie...I've been waiting for a plumber since noon. He's supposed to be here by four?

Her: Let me check...hold on please...oh yes I see, he's running a little late. He should call between 4 and 5.

Me: Ohhh so he's got some other things to take care of, and I need to allow a little accommodation for him, extend some patient, trust he'll be here?

Her: (missing sarcasm) Yes, that's very generous of you!

Me: Oh yes, I'm generous that way.

Her: Well you have a nice day, ma'am.

Me: (ripping hair out by roots)

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atypical said…
First, congrats on all of those years - no small feat! Second, I am soooo glad you have some relaxation coming your way (even if I will miss you like crazy). Third, WTG kindie girl!!!!

Now, that bad stuff has to be grounds for justifiable homicide. Okay, so not really, but I get it. The hub and I were recently discussing something similar as relates to doctor's offices. I had the misfortune of writing 1:30 on my calendar for a 1:00 pediatrician's appointment earlier this year. I got there at 1:20, and they would not see us, but made us rescedule (while planning to charge us the missed appointment fee - which thankfully the hub got them to drop). Fast forward to the resceduled appointment (and almost every other appointment these days it seems)- we arrived on time only to sit in the waiting room for forty minutes before spending 20 minutes in the exam room waiting some more. i don't usually mind this with the ped. since he is always running late because he actually spends time talking to you (even if they do only schedule 10 or 15 minute appointments). On that day, however, the irony was bitter.

One of the only times I have actually had a repair person come DURING the specified hours was when I had slipped out for ten minutes to pick up a kid. I really think they must be spying on us.

-t (of the mega comment)
Anonymous said…
THat was one funny story. Here in the UK, it is even worse. I was called and told they could give me a day that they would deliver my mattress. A whole day. Then, they said they'd call that day between 8 and 10:30 to say when it was coming. Which meant I was permitted to schedule NOTHING all day long until I heard from them. When they did call, the only time they could come was when we were supposed to be at services. Because, of course, it was Rosh Hashanah.

But, I am SO glad you are going away with your hubby for a couple of days. You'll be beside yourself with glee, I suspect.
S said…
Those sounds like some needed, well-deserved EXCELLENT things. I'm so glad.

Happy Anniversary!

And that story, it is just too true, true. If it weren't so funny, it'd be...sad. Pathetic.
S said…
sound, not sounds.
too, too true, not too true, true.

i need an editor today. sigh.
painted maypole said…
i hate service calls. At least you have your vacation to look forward to! fall leaves! (can you hear the envy just dripping from me???)
Anonymous said…
Me? Help you?? You mean write something??? Your readers might never return.

They don't want to hear about Junior League adventures from a semi-Uma Thurman look-alike. I better hurry up and find some inner smart and depth.

Check with me some time tonight between 8:30 and 9:02, if you miss me, well too bad.

xoxo, me

ps. BIONIC WOMAN on tonight-very important TIVO-ing.
Julie Pippert said…
LOLA! Impersonating me in more than one way! Nice try, Flavia.

I tried to call you last night but was told you were out helping children or something all when *I* needed you.

I just thought to add you in as a character to my show, then maybe you can spin off with your own show.

You know a la Private Practice and Grey's Anatomy (not the best example but better than Joey and Friends). Oh hey how about Frasier and Cheers?

P.S. I have SIX SYTYCDs saved on my TIVO for you. Are you going to watch them or can I delete them or what?
Julie Pippert said…
PM, I'll take photos and share. :)


SM, thanks and thanks, and editor at your service here, although I missed your mistakes what with correcting them in my mind and all. ;)


Emily, I am filled with glee. And that mattress company? Phooey on them!

Atypical, yep doctors are just as bad! And thanks. :)
Kyla said…
Hooray! Family time! Couple time! Free time! I love it. You so deserve a getaway, or three!

I am so glad that Patience is rocking out in Kindergarten. BubTar is doing the same. I don't know if he is classified as a young 5 or not. He won't turn 6 until April. He's doing better in K than he did in PreK last year, though. We love it!
Lawyer Mama said…
She's doing so great! What a relief that must be.

Your recent experience with the plumber sounds like ours with our home security system company. I swear we had to reschedule at least 5 times because they wouldn't show up or we had to leave the house, etc.... ARGH!

Congrats on your good things! Am so jealous of child free hotel weekend that I may cry.
Heather said…
ROFL at the plumber story. I have SO been there.
Liv said…
Alright, chicken, I'll be catching up on these Hump Day assignments next week. I got a little confused by the topic this week and so I put it off. Chalk it up to my idiocy.

Congrats on all the good things that you have going.
Gwen said…
Congrats on the anniversary and on Patience's successful transition to kindergarten. You were pretty stressed before it all started, so her happiness has to make it twice as sweet.

And the trips sound awesome! But, for your own sake, don't bring the laptop. We and your blog will still be here when you return. Really.

That plumbing company is delightful! I envy your good luck on that one. /end dripping sarcasm
Unknown said…
Happy Anniversary, vacationing and gallivanting to you! You'll be right at our doorstep here in New England. Hopefully it will cool off so you can enjoy it. The leaves are turning, but it was 85 degrees today, so odd!
Gale said…
Congrats on the fun you will have and the smart daughter you raised. And I hope your toilet got fixed?
The next time I have to deal with the cable company could you write a script for me?

And hooray for your trip out here!
Kellan said…
Happy Anniversary and what a great trip you have planned (so jealous!). I enjoyed the conversation between you and the plumbers (so funny) - I love this story. And so glad to hear your Patience is doing well in Kinder - one less thing to stress about - I appreciate that!
mpearl said…
I haven't commented or post in awhile because of computer probs. Congrats on 14 years. We just celebrated our 14th recently, too.
The sevicemen in our area aren't any better, I feel for you. This is why I put off having better dsl, digital cable, and my phone service changed. I just don't have time to plan my life around "them" right now.
Mad said…
Hey, have fun on your trip, happy anniversary and all. Oh and I am thrilled that Patience is rocking the kindergarten joint.

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