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What I think We're All Doing Here (on the Internet) and a few other bloggy things

This is me, lately. Well, okay, how I feel life is requiring me to be. I've been doing the nice thing for a really long time and it's got me nowhere so...this? Is me now. I'm back to basics, hardball, burning woman. Or something like that.

I'm just going to jump right in with all my Round Tuits here so bear with me as I do my Linear List Thing.

Edited to add 0, the number before 1.

0. The Hump Day Hmm for next week. In order to placate my sister who says she's tired of me frying her brain every week (Girlfriend joined the JUNIOR LEAGUE...and she accuses ME of frying HER brain. KIDDING, hon. You know it. I'm all into the Sugarplum Fairy Sell-a-thon and crap next month.) I'm going a bit lighter next week. Take a topic, any topic, something that is weighing on you, bothering you, troubling you...and find the humor in it. Write about it from a humorous angle. It can be general or personal, just take a troubling topic and bring out the humor. FWIW, sarcasm counts. Letter style, onion style, Shakespeare style, prose, any style you want.

1. MiscMum all the way in Australia sent me a Perfect Post Award from the other side of the world. How cool is that! MiscMum, I am so flattered you thought my Kindergarten Orientation was worthy. I appreciate it. Thank you.

Perfect Post Award for August 2007

For the other Perfect Posts this month, check out that funny and eloquent suburban mom and the queen of Petroville.

2. Speaking of Queens, the Queen of the Mayhem, that wonderfully hilarious, real, and grab you by the heart blogger awarded me the Nice Matters award. Christine, that wonderful big-hearted intelligent blogger did too. An embarrassingly long time ago. I am humbled and grateful, truly. Thank you both. And...although it might be a little ironic now, all things considered, I just want to remind you, my friends, that there are no takesie backsies. :)

3. At the same time, the amazing Kyla on The Journey (and I can't help thinking that if I'd been that cool at her age, I'd be rich and famous by now, or something even better than that, LOL) awarded me this:

Thank you, my friend. And remember, no takesie backsies.

(I feel like I've lost something...did I forget one, or another? I can't tell you how sick I feel worrying about that. It's been an epidemic for me lately. If I did forget, tell me. I'll be prostrate to the guilt instead of the higher mind, I swear.)

Okay the absolutely fantastic thing here is that by virtue of having two of these, I get to pass them along to a lot of people.

Here goes:

Mary-LUE of Life, the Universe and Everything. She's nice to me, but oh I know the many ways this woman reaches out and touches others, too. She's thoughtful. And I hope to be like her when I grow up.

Jo at Life with Heathens. Even though we have more or less the same disease (which means I know how tough days can be sometimes) this woman keeps thinking of ways to do good for others, too. And she reached out to me, to be a support system right when I really needed one.

Okay, this is going to get long and time-consuming for us all. So let's just do a list, and I want to say that each person on this list is getting this for reaching out recently, and showing a good example of how nice matters.


Catherine (Lyrical Catherine)



Lawyermama (for obvious reasons, and she knows very well the rest)

My awesome friend and author, Gina, at Meet My Brother


Mad Hatter

Painted Maypole


Jeff (from the cloud)

That Borneochica, what's her name, the one whose rear end I am always kissing? (LOL)

Kim, post-modern Cinderella with a snazzy new look

What? That's all? But...I'm not done yet...

Listen, you're on my blog list, you know I think you rock. I'll get your award to you by name sooner.

And now, this award feels a little like a yoke around my neck, considering my new motto of "No More Ms. Nice Guy" and all...

3. Thank goodness you are still here reading! I'm not done yet! Go check out the Hump Day Hmm post because I just this morning added three new links. You don't want to miss these! It's Gwen, BubandPie and Magpie Musing. I know, I know...see what I mean? (And I want everyone to know...I'm totally okay with the fact that you guys outclass and outdo me every week, seriously, totally okay...I only weep in my closet for like half an hour, tops.)

4. But I'm here, not in my closet weeping, and in some part that's due to the Internet. It rocks out loud, and if the past three points in this list haven't convinced you, let me apply economic theory to explain to you why we all love this place so much and spend so much time in it.

Teaser: Support and sympathy can understandably be in short supply in daily life. If I find myself impatient with my own lingering problems, I can only imagine how my friends---with equally full and busy lives---run out of top priority space for my issues. It's no surprise then that sympathy runs out or is distracted before need ends. The Internet offers an unending supply of near-endless support. But that's not the only reason I turn to it for friendship...

(See how I am done with nice, look what I am about to do to you...sorry in advance.) Go read what all I wrote at BlogRhet... I promise it won't be as boring as that dry professor of economics you snoozed through in college. Economics is FUN! Interesting! Exciting...especially when I abuse it. Hehehehehe

4. Patience is doing well in kindergarten, so far. Her teacher (yesterday) said Patience has even begun speaking to her, and answering questions in class! Wow! We know all about the substitute and are thrilled with her so far. Patience even took $1.75 and bought her lunch in the lunch line. She was too thrilled with herself (and I felt the same). In fact, it was the first thing she reported to me, "Mom! Mom! I went through the lunch line and got JELLO!" As you might guess, no jello in this house.

5. I'm not done with this appliance situation. Thanks to ALL of you with your ideas, support and comments. Keep them coming, please!! This won't be me:

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Kyla said…
BlogRhet? Before my coffee is finished? My brain aches.

I liked this post. Tidbits of daily life are always welcome.

KayTar is in my lap and she would like me to inform you that "G say guh." I better go, because she is now taking over my keyboard. ;)
Mad said…
Phew, I find that I am hungrily devouring stories of children surviving in the big, bad world these days. Go Patience! Unlimited jello for you, brave girl.

And, uh, thanks--as always.
Lawyer Mama said…
Damn, Julie. You're so damn nice. And I just used damn three times in a row! ANd you still think I'm nice!

You make my brain ache sometimes, babe. But that's such a good thing. You're smart and funny and snarky and still really, really nice. I wish you lived next door to me. You'd never get me out of your damn house. (And there I go again.)
This comment has been removed by the author.
Thanks for including me in your post about nice things that matter. I assume you were referring to this post where other people were nice to me when my car broke down on my way through Chicago. Thanks to them, we had a great outcome to a potentially disastrous day.
Anonymous said…
You deserve it!!!
atypical said…
darn it, late as usual! I just finished giving you this award too. LOL

Will read your post when I get back from taking the boy to work (We have taken a sick day from homeschooling so I may just get the chance to catch up a little).

Jo said…
Aw thank you sweety and that was an awesome post. As I said, if you ever need to talk or just cry let me know. My shoulders are strong and you won't burden them a bit. :)

Thank you for the award. I curse like a bloody sailor but you people think I'm nice. Hmmmmm, ya'll are nuts! lol j/k
Tere said…
Awesome! Thanks so much! I appreciate the recognition - and DO agree with those who awarded YOU!
S said…
Congratulations, Julie. Well deserved, on all counts!
Anonymous said…
Congrats Julie. Is there an award you haven't gotten?? If not, then shame on all of us!!

I will have to think about this Hump Day idea. Hmmmm...
Anonymous said… got TWO, count'em, TWO, Perfect Post Awards this month, because I gave you one for Romeo Raccoon Must Die. And I did send you an email, but I must have screwed that up somehow. If you can send me the correct email address, I will forward the original to you. YOu can see what I wrote about you here:
painted maypole said…
wow. Thanks. I already have me a pink shoe, so I'll take the other one, thanks so much, although I'm not sure how I feel about a nice award that shows a woman crawling around in her underwear. I'm still trying to figure that one out.

But you... much deserved. Congrats.
Ally said…
Hooray for your perfect post. I loved the Kindergarten Orienation post; good to see it recognized as perfect!
Anonymous said…
You are so awesome! It feels so good to see someone like you get recognized on all aspects of your greatness. You are the whole package girl! OMG I have to stop using exclamation points!!!!! Thanks for the award, I am always deeply humbled by you.

And-I totally teared up about Patience-oh crap I'm doing it again-Isn't it great to be amazed by our babies? Yay Patience!
Christine said…
dam girl how did i miss this post?

glad you liked the award--you deserve it.

and i am so glad patience is doing well. it makes the heart feel good when they ease into things and come out ok.
Anonymous said…
ummmm... Its like, the, like Junior SERVICE League. I mean you totally left out the service part. So, like are you going to come buy sparkly stuff and beautiful wreaths for your front door or like what. I'll totally drive you and all your new purchases to your car in an awesome golf cart, for like, real!
Wait a minute, were you like making fun of me... hmmmm, hump that GIRLFRIEND! hehe,

xoxo, the brainless one
Catherine said…
Hey, did I ever thank you for this?? I don't think I did! I'm so sorry! Thank you. I like the nickname Lyrical Catherine too. :)
Anonymous said…
Omg how LAME am I? How did I miss my name before? I just came across this again, and I apologize for being a jerk and not thanking you properly. Uh, I think you should take this away from me now...

Methinks you are one of the nicest of all, for making us all think.

Thank you thank you.
And apologies for my very bad manners. :( I'm embarrassed.
Anonymous said…
Oh boy. I posted a comment... but did I forget to hit publish??

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