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Rogue Blogging


These are my girls, they are saying, "Please, God do not let my Mommy make a doofus of herself on the world wide web, like that would be so so embarrassing, hey, cool my picture is finally on Aunt Julie's blog." Priorities, you see.

Being the overtly naughty one- I am sneak blogging- forgot to tell Julie, so hopefully she'll be forgiving.

Let's first of all set the record straight. My real name is not Flavia. My real name is Lesley, which, I guess is not as interesting. Let's just point out that my 'name' did not have ho in it, like some others (which is strange because Julie definitely ranked much higher on the puritanical scale). Maybe it could be attributed to the fact that we made up each other's names-here is my raunchy humor showing.

The other thing to set straight is that she made me seem cooler and more interesting than in reality. That's what happens when somebody else introduces you-they forget to be self-deprecating. Please, do not check in next week for insightful; you will just be disappointed.

So all of Julie's readers: Consider next week a vacation. A week where you can be the smartest one on the block. A time to let the old cells take a break and catch up on your reality tv. Put away the research books and let's have fun! If Julie is going on vacation- SO ARE WE!

And please be very very gentle on me, as I am sensitive.

xoxo, The rogue braincandy specialist,

Lesley (Flavia)

p.s. She is a great sister to have
p.p.s. Keep scrolling down-there's an actual smart post below.


Hi Lesley!

I like that name much better than Flavia. Like that matters. ;)
atypical said…
Ooh, vacation AND candy? Do you think we might fit some mini-golf in there somewhere too?

Welcome, Lesley! I promise not to be too mean. ;)

Kellan said…
Hi Flavia (Lesley) - Nice to meet you and you have beautiful kids. You are a good sister.
Kyla said…
Very nice to meet you, Flavia. We'll go easy on ya!
Sarah said…
Hi Lesley/Flavia. You do have gorgeous kids, and, am I right, do they look like their Aunt Julie a bit?

"smart post" Heh. Make it "smartpost" and you might copyright it. I'm thinking about "smartfood." Remember smartfood?
Snoskred said…
Welcome to the world of blogging, Lesley/Flavia. ;) Looking forward to your posts!

Liv said…
Thank God you're here because, truthfully, my brain gets a little tired after reading Julie. I love her, she's relevant, but she makes me feel hopelessly unintelligent. Don't tell her that.
Unknown said…
I'm a little late to join the welcome wagon, but welcome nonetheless. The girls are adorable. They do remind me of Patience.

Welcome to the world of blogging, I think you're gonna love it.
Lesley said…
Thank you all for checking in. I needed a little boost.

And I do like Shakespeare, in fact I used to live on Shakespeare Street in Houston.

see you on Monday!
Anonymous said…
Oh, the cat's away. Shall we play?
Anonymous said…
First, the girls are gorgeous, Braincandy specialist, I so love it. It is so cool how much the two of you like eachother.
Lawyer Mama said…
Hi, Lesley! (Although I'm probably always going to think of you as Flavia now.)

Your girls are adorable!

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