Wednesday, August 15, 2007

HA! Erin, like we're afraid of you! We scoff at your paltry winds and rain...

Just because we all got complacent those NOAA guys had to fix our wagons and sic a Tropical Storm (Erin as she goes by) on us.

Hey NOAA, I get it. You're Chicken Little and we all blew you off about the sky is falling.

Okay you woke us up, now call back your storm. Tell it to sit, wait, lie, and play dead.

I think the Rita-strength hurricane threat was a little over the top; I noticed even the news media didn't take you seriously. I mean, probably half of the area is all, "Erin? Erin who? And NOAA? Who's that? Her husband?"

That storm? With its paltry 40 mph winds, rapidly approaching land just south of my town? It's leaving the Happy Hurricane Zone of the Gulf. That means the power and force it needed to pick up? TOO LATE BABY!

So HA! I laugh in the face of your storm. HA HA HA HA

It wasn't going to happen anyway because I employed my super secret anti-hurricane magic, also known as Preparing for the Worst. My flood insurance is paid up, the tree at risk already fell, I've stockpiled essentials in the house (water, batteries, flashlights), and my important documents are in grab-n-go mode. I even have an official little Evacuation and Preparedness checklist (typewritten).

You see? No way was this going to be a hurricane and hit here.

So, while I was buying water I grabbed the makings of a happy little cocktail we Gulfies like to call a Hurricane.

What do you mean do I know Dean? Dean who?

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slouching mom said...

Heh. If I lived where you do I'd be constantly freaking out. It's just in my nature to do that. ;)

Kyla said...

Whew. Just stay equally prepared all season and we'll be in good shape, Julie!

blooming desertpea said...

I've already gotten a fright over a flood, not sure I could deal with hurricans, too.

I like your humor over it, though :)

ExpectingExecutive said...

Hi there!

Living here in the Galveston area...I always think it is pretty funny when Fox News begins the story with "the possibility of harm to hundreds of thousands of people" due to the "weather threat". Run for the hills! Speaking of, I always enjoy a trip to Texas hill country. 8 - )

However, I am sort of partial to this storm as I love tropical storms named after me!

Bring it on Erin!!!

Erin @

Mamma said...

How did Erin get in front of Dean?

She's such a hussy.

Queen of the Mayhem said...

You have to love picking up those hurricane supplies! We are also stockpiled! My husband used to make fun of me for doing so....until Katrina!

NOW...the Pat O's Hurricane....that is a thing of beauty! (Unless you drink more than one....then you are just stinking drunk!) hee-hee

Lawyer Mama said...

40 mph? Bah! That happens every other week around here! Well, not quite, but you know....

Didn't you miss hurricane season? Baaahaaaa!

kim said...

You are funny. I'm glad your voodoo worked on Erin.