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Other than hurricanes dead-heading (no pun intended), what else is going on?

Although it seems hard to believe, the earth is still spinning and regular life is still ongoing even though there is a hurricane out there.

There are a lot of things in life I didn't get around to this week, and hopefully that's just a "yet" but I acknowledge some things will have to be dropped.

Here are a few that won't:

1. A big heartfelt thanks to Chani for awarding me the Blogger Reflection award.

This award should make you reflect on five bloggers who have been an encouragement, a source of love, impacted you in some way, and have been a Godly example to you. Five Bloggers who when you reflect on them you get a sense of pride and joy... of knowing them and being blessed by them.

Even with the blatant abuse of the word "impact" and the nebulous wording of "Godly example" I find this a lovely award. Even lovelier is what Chani wrote
Julie and I have very different cultural perspectives. She is also far brighter than me. Just the same, I am inspired by her absolute fearlessness when it comes to staring straight into the eyes of some of scariest ethical demons. She walks through the labyrinth and comes out the other side, with the results of her examination in her palms, offering it to the rest of us. She uses her superior intelligence for the betterment of us all, not just herself or her own personal aggrandizement. She recognizes it as a gift to be shared, not a battering ram to exert power-over others. She is never condescending. She always makes me think. And she forces me to keep my mind open.

Sometimes being a Scorpio is a real burden. LOL Just kidding.

It often worries? frightens? disturbs? me how frequently people use language to depict me as some sort of warrior of ideas and words. When asked to describe me, 'scary' and 'intimidating' are usually the first two words to pop into people's minds. Gut ping and heart pang. While I do not disparage myself or my abilities, I also recognize that my sort is not that revered. So when someone mentions my strengths without even a hint of backhanded compliment and in fact holds them up as admirable and positive, I'm flattened in gratitude. It's this sort of thing that allows me to keep perspective in the face of the rest of it.

Thanks Chani.

Because I like this award so well, I am going to pass it along to a few people...

A. Gwen, just because (a) it's true, this is something that definitely describes her and she also has uttered the word God on her blog. And not in a "save me from a hurricane" sort of way, plus (b) I'm just so grateful she's back from Mexico.

B. Kaliroz, because someday I'm going to be able to be more eloquent than AMEN after reading her amazing posts.

C. Citymama, who has been famous and super cool for a very long time but who I only recently really discovered and who wrote a post recently that rocked my world.

D. Whymommy, for the same reason as Citymama. She mixes strength, humanity, wisdom and insight into a post package that has me always nodding along, reaching deep, and finding something useful to walk away with.

E. Kyla, because she is Grace personified, without being annoyingly so...she pulls it off and makes you love love love her wonderful human self.

Congrats you guys...and seriously, if you are in my favorites, you know this means you too, even if you weren't in the list of 5. It's my belief that this award will make its way around to each of you, and that's why I'm stepping outside my comfort zone and am passing it along specifically to people. I ask each recipient look around and make sure this keeps getting passed along until it reaches everyone it should.

2. Cecilieaux added some good contributions to the Rainbow Connection week. So go take a gander at Shavings Off My Mind, and scroll down through the week.

3. After discussion the other day, I added a review of Stardust to my review blog.

4. I'm behind on commenting. Sorry. I don't know when or if I'll catch up...things are a little crazy here, and the usual amount of busy. I'll do my best.

Errr...seemed like there was more but I've been interrupted and lost it. If I recall, I'll come back LOL. Oh yes, right! One teaser: there might be some big, exciting travel plans in my future.

Copyright 2007 Julie Pippert

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kaliroz said…
Thank you, Julie. I've truly been humbled of late.
Kyla said…
Wow. I'm blushing. You are too kind. Too kind.

Congrats to you! Every bit of what Chani wrote is true, for sure.
Snoskred said…
Travel plans? What's this? Are strange thngs afoot at the Circle K? Ok that one was a blatant bill and ted reference.. :) but spill!

S said…
Are you a Scorpio? Me too. Hmm. That explains a lot, if you believe in astrology. Which I don't, really, but I like to pretend I do.

(E-mail me the date -- wouldn't it be funny if we shared a birthday?)

What Chani wrote about you is astoundingly beautiful. Hear that, Chani? Hope you're reading. And, Julie, know that it is as true as it gets as a depiction of you.

Congratulations, friend.
Congrats on your award! And it's good to hear that the hurricane hasn't washed you away yet.
Christine said…
you should know you so deserve that award, love.

and, in all seriousness, i admire you so much. you have guts and brains and heart to boot.
Aliki2006 said…
Congrats on the award!

Good luck with the travel plans--can't wait to hear more!
Lawyer Mama said…
What Chani wrote is wonderful. And all true. You amaze me almost daily with your words and your heart. In my book intimidating is definitely a compliment.

Fabulous choices too!
Bon said…
congratulations, Julie...well and truly deserved. you carry your power with words gracefully...fearlessly, it seems onscreen, but gracefully too. the combination is rare.

and keep out of the way of that hurricane. i shudder.
thailandchani said…
Thanks for going along with this. :)

It's interesting that perhaps many of the things that draw me are the things that others in the larger culture might not find appealing. Strong, intelligent women are very appealing to me.. people who think for themselves, who are not afraid to step outside the herd and especially those who are willing to deal with issues that most would prefer to sweep aside.

That's why you immediately came to mind for this particular acknowledgment. :)

I'll look forward to reading the blogs you picked, too.


Anonymous said…
Oh Julie, this is such an award you deserve. And I agree, it seems extra special to come from Chani!

Congrats and then some!
Anonymous said…
Thank you, Julie! What a great award. I will pass it on!
OhTheJoys said…
That's some awesome bling! Go grrrrl!
Anonymous said…
Nice award!! Reflecting is good! Maybe I should reflect outward instead of inside??
Heather said…
I am also described in the same way as you. It seems I intimidate without trying and my gift of clear and concise communication is sometimes a little . . . scary, I guess.

So, I am also thankful when anyone admired my strengths rather than fearing them.

What a great award!
Anonymous said…
What Chani wrote about you was so beautifully written and so absolutely true. Congratulations.
Anonymous said…

Big travel plans? Are you coming to visit me in London?

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