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Ok Go...Ok Got It!

The other night, I was tired and intended to watch a tivo'd show and fall asleep early.

However, when I flipped on the TV, I found my husband had left it on VH1, a ridiculously vapid and addictive channel. It seems like it used to show music videos, as did MTV, which came out just when I turned into a full-fledged teen. But now, instead, it has shows that luckily explain popular culture references to me that I totally miss (now that I am allegedly so friggin' old) despite considering myself pretty frivolous and tuned into popular culture (which is clearly a very flawed belief).

So, VHI was showing something called "WebJunk presents 40 Greatest Internet Superstars."

Of course I had to case I knew anyone (which, actually, I didn't---not that I expected to, but I had hoped to have heard of some, at least).

I felt drowsy with about the top ten left so quickly hit the little red record button and finished up watching the show later (much later, like now, which is months later). It was mildly amusing and entertaining, required no thought, but added no value to my life---so I thought, thus far.


Then they reached #8: the OK Go video.

Now not only is that cool, but it TOTALLY cleared up an episode of Las Vegas for me. Now I get the whole Sam on the treadmill with some punky looking guys. "You know, Mary, it's not easy walking backward on a treadmill."

Whew. Sure I will sleep better at night now.

P.S. My kids cannot get enough of this video. They love love love it, and the song, and apparently Patience loves the band.


Lawyer Mama said…
Don't you love it when you figure out a pop culture reference that totally had you stumped?

I'll have to try that song out on my kids too. I bet they'll like it. Right now, my oldest is currently addicted to Blister In The Sun by the Violent Femmes. So noooot appropriate for a small child.
Julie Pippert said…
Cruuuuudd...that's inappropriate for kids? I was using it to teach counting...


Hey they all like this sound and rhythm, I think.
Christine said…
oh i haven't heard blister int he sun for a dog's age!

and i think i am a super hipster because i remember seeing this on line a long time ago. well maybe i am not so much a hipster as a you tube junkie! LOL
flutter said…
LOVE that video, the onther one I adore is the fatboy slim video with Christopher Walken. Fabulous.
Kyla said…
I love this video. I had sort of forgotten about it. I'll have to show it to KayTar. Her top two are "Rehab" as evidenced on my blog today, and "Hey there Delilah". I think she'll like this one, too. But I never really know with her. She definitely has her own musical tastes.
Gina Pintar said…
I must be really old, because I still don't get it!

I got sick of kids music in the car and we listen to rock music. Hard rock, K-rock music. They love it. M yells at me if I forget to turn on the radio. LOL.
S said…
I'm obviously not in the loop. So I'll just slink away in uncoolness.
I am a pop culture PHENOM! VH1 had a "World Series of Pop Culture" and I swear....I could BE on that show!

Wait....I'm not sure if I should be proud of this! Let me get back to you!
Anonymous said…
Brilliant! Now I'm going to have to try and book mark this so I can bring the little guys along for a looksee.
Liv said…
Umm....if vapid means totally freaking awesome, then I agree. Let's call E! vapid too! :)
I find VH1 terribly addicting, especially on nights I'm intending to go to bed early.


Just catching up on your most recent posts -- I can't get enough of the raccoon stories. Tell your husband he simply MUST post!
Mad said…
Ya, I saw this video about a year ago and when a friend forwarded it along. I didn't realize that it was THAT big or that it had gained pop culture cache. I'll have to show it to Miss M.
thailandchani said…
I'm with Slouching Mom on this one. :)
Julie Pippert said…
Okay the It to get is that this YouTube (video?) apparently made the circulation/rounds except to me LOL so I missed it until I caught this old rerun of a show on VH-1 and saw the Ok Go video.

I loved it but I love this kind of sound.

And I thought the video was the cleverest thing ever.

SO MUCH better than naked gyrating women (note gender limitation, apparently I am utter hypocrite who is okay with naked gyrating men).

So next day I came to watch it on YouTube with kids and we all thought it was awesome.

About time 40 the kids made me PLAY IT AGAIN MOM! I thought...huh, I remember an episode of Las Vegas where Vanessa was on a treadmill with this band. I had NO CLUE who they were. And they kept cracking jokes about treadmills that went WHOOSH over my head.

Until...seeing this video and then I put it all together.


So, those of you who showed the kids...did they like it??


Cathy, Jon was out of town and is just now back so I'll get back to work on coaxing him this weekend. Stay tuned. :)
Anonymous said…
That is the weirdest. I'm glad I have you to keep in the pop culture loop 'cause apparently I'm not.

And you watch Las Vegas? There are many layers to you chicky. Roy watches it too, oh OK I watch it with him too.

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