Saturday, August 25, 2007

More about neighbors from neighbors and what about next week?

Two more entrants for the Hump Day Hmm about neighbors:

Mary-LUE wrote about being a Good Samaritan

Lawyer Mama wrote about My Neighborhood on DC Metro Moms

So what about next week?

I know, I know. I haven't been good lately about providing one week's notice. Ahhh if you lived my days you'd understand, LOL.

Next week, the Hmm is about school---any angle you want to take. Tackle the idea of public versus private education, the concept of privilege inherent in education due to socioeconomic neighborhood, a personal school experience, viewing school from an educator's POV or from a parental POV...any kind of exploration you'd like about school.

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Lawyer Mama said...

Very timely topic!

jen said...

i'll enjoy learning from all of you as i have a bit of time before crossing this hurdle.

slouching mom said...

Yes, of course. What else now but school!

Christine said...

hmmmmmmm. i just might do this, but no promises.