Monday, August 06, 2007

Perfect post---what I should have done last week

I cannot explain the many ways in which last week got away from me.

But one thing I ought to have done was let you know that I read a post so amazing, I was moved to nominate it then and there for a July Perfect Post. It was a post that stroked and smoothed my soul while igniting hope and joy.

Slouching Mom's A Nine-Year-Old Boy's Fourth of July

If you haven't read it, spend a few minutes. If you have read it, I find it's worth another read.

Congratulations to Slouching Mom, and many thanks for sharing your talent.

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copyright 2007 Julie Pippert


slouching mom said...

Thank you, Julie, for the kind words that you didn't have to write! It was a treat just to be nominated.

And with the week you had, I am not surprised at all that plans got derailed...

Lawyer Mama said...

I agree. That was a fabulous post.