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Hot Children's Entertainment Gossip! And Hot Ravin' Maven Updates!

On the off-chance that you were all on the edges of your seat about the Aftermath of the Romeo Raccoon, Tree Falling in the Forest, Julie's Dread Dread Disease and other recent Events of Note, here's the update:

1. The raccoon still lives. His days? Are numbered.

2. My husband tells me the funniest part of the story occurred outside the bedroom door. He is threatening to take over my blog and write up his own version of all that I missed. ENCOURAGE HIM. He's hilarious and ought to do it. You guys always LOL when he comes on my blog and comments. Imagine an entire POST from Mr. Julie aka Jon. Of course, you'll have to help him get over his workaholic work-is-the-center-of-the-universe ways...

3. In the event you manage the last bit from #2? You will earn my undying gratitude.

4. Also, someone (other than me!) sk*rted the raccoon story! It's on up-and-coming page 1 (for's about to fall off onto page 2). Thank you! If you want to vote, I think/hope this link works.

5. Thanks to MORE RAIN, we are losing a second tree in the center of the yard. it appears to be falling oh so slowly the same direction as the first. I expect it to be gone by Monday. I am devastated. I HATE TOO MUCH RAIN! We have more damage and more expensive repairs now than even from a hurricane. Monsoon season needs to end. My tree guy is coming out the assess the situation and help us prioritize the things to do. Most likely, we're going to need to dig drainage ditches and a retention pond---yes, in the backyard---to try to save the rest of the trees. If they can be saved and don't already have root rot.


There go my new floors...

6. I cannot thank everyone enough for the kind replies, comments, support, and all on my Hump Day Hmmm post.

7. I have a new book on my Review blog! (See tab above banner at top of page or click here.) I have a band to review and another book. So keep checking back.

I hope to have a more entertaining post up later. For now, I wanted to get this post up in order to reply to (and update) you guys in lieu of being able to reply to all of the great comments from this week like I want to do, at least for now.

Have a great Friday!

And now...some photos by Patience:

After Kermit dumped her, Miss Piggie moved to Vegas where she took up with Kool-Aid, rebel rapper. She claims Po is a "poor orphan" she "adopted" after Angelina Jolie set such a good example. Miss Piggie says she and Kool want to adopt a million Teletubbies in need. Kool-Aid had no comment. Photo taken after the family left the risque show Fashionistas in Las Vegas. We leave it to our readers to look at Po and determine whether there is any familial link with Piggie and Kool.


No caption required for this level of cuteness.

I leave it to you to fill in this one! Leave your best quippy caption!

copyright 2007 Julie Pippert


Anonymous said…
I just saw the photo and that raccoon is kind of scary looking!

I vote for you hubby to write a post!
Anonymous said…
Oh Jon... pretty please! Do tell!
S said…
Jon. JON! Come sit, umm, type awhile and take a load off. We'll be gentle with you, promise.

Oh, Julie. The trees. I am so very sorry.
Liv said…
Come on, Jon. You know you want to tell us about the dark(er) side of Romeo. You. Want. To.
Lawyer Mama said…
C'mon, Jon! You know you want to blog!

Julie, I'm so sorry about the trees. I would be heartbroken as well. I love my trees. We had something similar happen at our last house & ended up redoing all of the drainage in our yard after Hurricane Isabel. It looked like the Big Dig in our yard. When we moved in here, the first project T tackled was the drainage, just in case.

Po is sooooo Miss Piggy's love child.
Girlplustwo said…
jon, seriously. humor us.

Anonymous said…
Do it, Jon!
Unknown said…
Throw my vote in for a guest appearance from Mr. Julie.

A Kool Aid toy! I want one! (And they definitely look like they've been out with a Hiltonesque crowd!)
flutter said…

C'mon, buddy, humor an old buncha biddies, will ya?
Kyla said…
Please, Jon????

You have been sk*rted. That was one hilarious post! I can't wait to read JON'S POST. Right? :)
thailandchani said…
I would like to see Jon's post as well.

One more voice to the din...



Christine said…
jon PLEASE!!! i promise that julie will do anything you want her to do. really.

ps--sorry about the tree situation that's so crappy.
Benjamin Loewen said…
Some have suggested that my man come and write on my blog too. LIKE, NEVER IN A MILLION YEARS, no matter what Christine (above me) volunteered me to do for him! LOL.

I'd love to read a hubby blog too. Jon! Jon! Jon! Jon!

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